Director Rao believes Dabolim airport’s survival is secured by its potential

The Dabolim airport in Goa is under scrutiny as opposition parties accuse the BJP government of plotting to shut it down. However, the airport’s director S.V.T. Dhanamjaya Rao reassures that it will continue to thrive due to its potential. Qatar Airways’ decision to move to Manohar International Airport in 2024 has sparked concerns.

Rao stated, “Qatar Airways has taken its own decision, which we respect. In the last financial year, we handled 8.4 million passengers, and this year we expect 7 million, marking a difference of around 15 to 20 per cent (reduction).” He further added, “The Dabolim airport will remain operational. In the coming ‘summer schedule’, we will get additional flights. Dabolim airport will survive as it has the potential.”

The opposition parties, including leader Yuri Alemao, have criticized the government for not taking action to retain airlines at Dabolim. Alemao expressed his concerns, stating, “One after the other, airlines are shifting to Mopa yet the government remains a silent spectator. Is this part of a larger conspiracy?” He also urged Chief Minister Pramod Sawant to intervene and ensure the survival of the Dabolim airport.


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