‘Do it for the plot’ meaning explained as Gen Z slang has teens living life on the edge

Gen Z slang seems to be taking over the internet and the popular phrase ‘do it for the plot’ has teens living life on the edge.

Youngsters across social media are encouraging each other to gain more confidence by stepping into ‘main character’ mode and living in the moment by doing things simply for the ‘plot line’ of their lives. HITC explains the meaning of this crazy slang for confused millennials all over the Internet.

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‘Do it for the plot’ meaning explained

Modern day Generation Z slang, often used by those born in between the mid-to-late 1990s and the early 2010s, is giving people serious ‘main character energy’ as they are encouraged to live life as though they are ‘doing it for the plot’.

The phrase ‘do it for the plot’ simply means being in control of your own narrative and the idea is about taking chances to make every day exciting.

A definition by University Girl suggests:

“Sometimes life can be so boring and repetitive, therefore it is necessary to spice things up and do things that excite us.”

In a viral TikTok clip, @serenakerrigan explained that ‘do it for the plot’ is an extention of ‘being the main character’, the idea of people either seriously or playfully, viewing themselves as the main character of their own life. 

The creator suggests that the phrase is all about “doing things that make you happy, for the story.”

Gen Z slang has teens living life on the edge

Serena Kerrigan, described as “the queen of confidence” in her TikTok bio, continued to explain that instead of getting upset or embarassed when something doesn’t go your way, people should instead view the experience as being ‘for the plot.’

The caption of the TikTok clip encourages other viewers to tap into this freeing mindset:

“This mindset changed my life and will change yours too. #doirfortheplot #plotgirlsummer #queenofconfidence #maincharacter”

When a user named @Sassy_Foods suggested that ‘do it for the plot’ is simply a rephrased version of ‘t is what it is’, @SFK responded:

“Nah, it’s like YOLO rephrased.”

“You only live once” (YOLO) is a modern version of the Latin phrase Carpe diem, meaning “Seize the day.”

The popular phrase suggests that since you only live once, you need to live life to the fullest, even when that means embracing adverse behavioral choices that carry an inherent risk.

Another TikTok creator named @happilynati encoraged people more to adopt the ‘do it for the plot’ mentality by picturing the classic plot line commonly taught in academia – which includes a beginning, middle and ending:

Millennials confused by youngsters’ YOLO slang

With boomers, Generation X, millennials and Generation Z all working together and communicating using the same spaces online, the quirkiness of Gen Z’s modern vocabulary can often confuse many people.

As young people introduce new lingo and expressions online and in person, many millenials may find themselevs misinterpreting their younger peers.

A TikTok user named @ann_natalie shared her experience as a millenial trying to understand slang from her sisters of different generations. When her sister told her to do something ‘for the plot’ she confusingly asked:

“Is my life a plot?”

In the comment section of the viral video, a user named @KaShayda wrote:

“Do it for the PLOT!!! #PlotGirlSummer”

Another TikToker named @Chris Psilzor Georgi shared their approval of the Gen Z slang:

“Gen Z slang makes much sense, I really like it.”

Another millenial named @Cuz0ndruh jokingly commented:

“As a Millenial, I look forward to Gen Z aging.”

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