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Does A Time Called You Have A Happy Ending?


Warning: SPOILERS ahead for the ending of A Time Called You.




  • A Time Called You‘s ending has left viewers confused and debating whether it’s happy or sad, as it doesn’t have a traditional conclusion.
  • The show presents a situation where sacrifices must be made for others to have their happy ending, resulting in Jun-hee sacrificing her chance at love to prevent Min-ju’s death.
  • While Jun-hee and Si-heon’s future remains uncertain, the ending gives a happier outcome to Min-ju and In-gyu, who develop a relationship and live long, happy lives together.

Netflix’s complicated time travel K-drama, A Time Called You, has left viewers debating its ending — specifically, whether it’s happy or sad. In A Time Called You, Jun-hee gets transported back in time, taking over the body of a teenager named Min-ju who gets murdered soon after. While trying to solve and prevent Min-ju’s death, Jun-hee develops a crush on a boy named Si-heon who reminds her of her late boyfriend in the present timeline. While the basic concept may sound straightforward, A Time Called You is anything but. This K-drama incorporates time loops, body jumping, and a mysterious man who appears repeatedly throughout.

A Time Called You has started a lot of online chatter. Many viewers find themselves confused by A Time Called You‘s ending, which, in all fairness, is complex and mind-bending. Additionally, there’s been some debate over whether the time travel K-drama has a happy or sad conclusion. Although some of the characters’ stories come to a satisfying close, the show doesn’t have a classic happy ending.

A Time Called You Doesn’t Have A Happy Ending

Si-heon looks at Jun-hee from across the bus.

Many K-dramas will make viewers cry, and A Time Called You is no exception. This time travel series sets up a situation where one tragedy must occur for someone else to get their happy ending. Therefore, no truly happy ending is possible regardless of the choices the characters make. If Jun-hee decides to maintain her romance with Si-heon, Min-ju loses her life. Alternatively, if she saves Min-ju’s life, Jun-hee never meets Si-heon. Ultimately, Jun-hee decides to sacrifice her chance at love in order to prevent Min-ju from dying.

While saving Min-ju is the morally correct choice, it’s still devastating to know that Jun-hee and Si-heon forget about each other, making it so that they may never have a relationship again. This fact is further cemented when Jun-hee and Si-heon meet on the bus and don’t recognize each other. The two feel a pull toward one another, but that’s all. If the two lovers recognized each other and kissed, it would provide the only possible happy ending for everyone. However, A Time Called You leaves Jun-hee and Si-heon’s future ambiguous, allowing the viewer to decide what they think will happen.

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What A Time Called You’s Ending Really Means

Min-ju holds a bike helmet in her hands while looking at her friend.

Although A Time Called You has a sad ending for Jun-hee and Si-heon, it gives a happier ending to Min-ju and In-gyu. Min-ju decides to give life another chance, pushing forward despite her hopelessness and fear. In-gyu never wrongfully goes to jail for Min-ju’s death, as she’s still alive in this timeline. After everything they’ve been through together, Min-ju realizes that In-gyu is the only person who’s always been there for her. The two develop a relationship and live long, happy lives together. If not everyone could live happily ever after, they’re at least all alive in this timeline of A Time Called You.


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