Does The Expendables 4 Have A Post-Credits Scene?


The Expendables 4 might not be the end of the franchise, but is there a post-credits scene after the movie that audiences need to stick around for?


  • The Expendables 4 does not have a post-credits scene, breaking from the trend of many movies that use this tactic to tease future installments.
  • The absence of a post-credits scene aligns with the franchise’s history, as the previous three Expendables movies also did not include one.
  • Despite the lack of a post-credits scene, the possibility of a continuation of the franchise still remains, depending on the success of the fourth installment and potential spinoff movies.



The Expendables team returns for another adventure, but is there a The Expendables 4 post-credits scene that teases the franchise’s continuation? The fourth installment of the action franchise brings Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham back as Barney Ross and Lee Christmas. The overall success of the franchise has allowed The Expendables 4 to bring new and familiar faces together to try and stop another global threat. It arrives with the franchise’s future undetermined, although there is room left open for more installments by the time this story comes to a close.

The lack of a confirmed future for the Expendables franchise means that the R-rated The Expendables 4 is an opportunity to tease audiences with what could come next. This includes the possibility of adding a post-credits scene. Hollywood has become increasingly comfortable with this tactic as a way to let a movie come to its natural conclusion before the credits begin rolling but still tease those who stick around with a glimpse of what might happen next. The Expendables 4 having a post-credits scene would be a chance to do the same for Stallone and Statham’s action franchise.

The Expendables 4 Does Not Have A Post-Credits Scene

Sylvester Stallone in military gear in Expendables 4

Sadly, there is not an after-credits scene attached to The Expendables 4. The movie brings its main story to a conclusion and then lets the credits begin, but there is never an interruption for a mid-credits scene or a bonus tag that plays as an end-credits scene. This will be the case regardless of whether viewers are watching the movie in theaters or when The Expendables 4 releases on streaming. It is still encouraged that audiences should watch the credits to see the names of the writers, actors, and additional crew members who made the movie possible.

Why The Expendables 4 Didn’t Need A Post-Credits Scene

Jason Statham pointing a gun as Lee Christmas in The Expendables 4.

The lack of a post-credits scene with The Expendables 4 should not come as a huge surprise. The franchise has never included one in the previous three Expendables movies, so there is not a built-in expectation for audiences regarding this franchise using them. Not including an end-credits scene also ensures that The Expendables 4‘s ending is the actual final point of the story, eliminating any tacked-on tease of a future that is not guaranteed.

The Expendables 4 might not have an after-credits scene, but the franchise could still continue. There have already been teases about The Expendables 5 and spinoff movies happening if the fourth installment is successful. This will depend largely upon the movie’s box office performance, especially as reviews have not been favorable. However, it is better for the studio and creatives to wait and see if a sequel will happen rather than tease one in a post-credits scene that is never paid off after The Expendables 4.


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