Does Trolls Band Together Have A Post-Credits Scene?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Trolls Band Together!




  • Trolls Band Together movie includes a mid-credits scene where Branch attempts to propose to Poppy, but she mistakenly accepts an invitation to join the band.
  • There is a second mid-credits scene featuring Tiny Diamond in therapy, where he learns he must pay out of pocket for the session due to being out of his network.
  • Stick around for the post-credits audio line from Viva, who exclaims, “Oh wow, it’s like sunshine in my earholes!” which captures the positive and uplifting essence of the Trolls franchise.

More often than not these days it’s worth it to sit through the credits for a fun extra scene at the end, but does Trolls Band Together have a post-credits scene? The third film in the Trolls franchise is directed by Walt Dorhn and focuses primarily on Branch (Justin Timberlake) and his four brothers who were once part of Poppy’s (Anna Kendrick) favorite boy band. When Floyd (Troye Vian) gets kidnapped by a nefarious villain duo, Branch and Poppy set off on an epic quest to rescue Floyd and reunite all the brothers for one last chance at pop culture greatness.

The Trolls Band Together soundtrack features the sorts of upbeat pop music that fans love, as well as a plethora of familiar faces and new friends, including singers and musicians, making it a worthy entry into the Trolls canon that might just be its most effervescent adventure yet. A movie like this has pretty long credits due to the amount of animators it takes to bring it to life, and younger fans might not find it worth the wait. But the creators behind the Trolls brand know that the fans don’t want the fun to stop just because the movie is over, and the house lights coming on might be just the start of the show.

Trolls Band Together Does Have A Mid-Credits Scene

poppy & brozone in trolls band together

As it turns out, fans don’t have to wait long for a Trolls Band Together post-credits scene because there’s one right in the mid-credits. In fact, it takes place pretty quickly after the initial credits and includes a fake-out proposal from Branch to Poppy while Branch and BroZone are on the stage. Branch drops to a knee, but before he can even get out, “Will you….” Poppy, overly excited as usual, cuts off his question and replies, “Join the band? Of course, I will!” followed by her leaping on stage with Viva close behind her, and fans will just have to wait and see if Branch ever actually gets the question out.

What Happens In The Trolls Band Together Mid-Credits Scene

tiny diamond in trolls band together

After the first Trolls Band Together mid-credits scene involving Branch and Poppy, there’s a second mid-credits scene involving Tiny Diamond going to therapy. During the humorous exchange with his therapist, Mr. Dinkles, Tiny wants to know if his insurance is going to cover the session. Mr. Dinkles makes it pretty clear that unfortunately for him, his practice is outside of his network so he’d need to pay out of pocket.

Trolls Band Together’s Post-Credits Audio Line Explained

poppy & viva in trolls band together

Even after getting two mid-credits scenes, fans should stick around for the Trolls Band Together post-credits scene that involves Viva at the very end. While it’s more of an audio line than a whole scene, she shouts, “Oh wow, it’s like sunshine in my earholes!” Which basically encapsulates the plucky ethos of the whole Trolls franchise – nothing but love, light, and positivity through music and song.


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