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Drake’s new track Virginia Beach song is not about Pusha T despite fan speculation

Drake’s For All The Dogs album is finally out and so is the secret to whether his song Virginia Beach is about Pusha T or not.

After three long months of waiting, Drake‘s highly anticipated eighth studio album For All the Dogs is out. When Drizzy released the album’s tracklist on Thursday, October 5, many fans quickly assumed his first song titled Virginia Beach is about Pusha T. The two rappers have had a long-standing beef for years now. However, when the song actually released, many discovered otherwise.

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Fans thought Drake’s Virginia Beach song would be about Pusha T

Upon seeing Drake’s For All The Dogs tracklist, many quickly jumped to the conclusion that the song Virginia Beach would be a diss track against his rival Pusha T.

The two rappers have been beefing for years. Moreover, Virginia Beach is Pusha T’s home turf. The rapper was born in the Bronx Borough of NYC but his family relocated to Virginia Beach, Virginia when he was still young.

“First track of Drake album is “Virginia Beach” which is where Pusha T from,” one fan wrote on Twitter, insinuating that it was a diss track. Several others thought the same.

What is Drake really singing about?

Contrary to what many fans thought, Drake’s Virginia Beach does not once mention anything remotely related to his beef with Pusha T.

The song is in fact about a woman Drake dated a while back. It did not end well between the two as the father of one sings, “You say I coulda treated you better or whatever, but I don’t know, I think I did alright.”

In another lyric the 36-year-old sings, “Drawin’ conclusions like you got a Parsons degree or something.” He then goes on to compare her to Virginia Beach saying, “She pretty but ghetto, pretty but rough, just like Virginia Beach.”

“Drake opening track called Virginia Beach to complain about a woman instead of dissing Pusha T He knew not to disturb a monster,” one fan said after learning what the song was really about.

Drake and Pusha T’s beef explored

The beef between the two rappers dates back over a decade. The two have hurled several jabs at each other over the years. Their beef originally didn’t even include the Canadian rapper.

It started with Lil Wayne and Pusha T dissing each other. After Wayne donned the famous BAPE on the cover of VIBE magazine, Pusha T’s then-musical duo Clipse released a song titled Mr. Me Too, that dissed Wayne for using their style.

However, Drake got involved in 2013 when he dissed Pusha in his song Tuscan Leather. He used the lyrics “Bench players talkin’ like starters, I hate it.” Then in 2016, Pusha released the song H.G.T.V Freestyle with disses aimed at Drizzy. Their back and forth came to a boiling point with Pusha’s “you are hiding a child” comment. Drake later confirmed he has a son and the world was introduced to adorable little Adonis.

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