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Drew Barrymore Calls for Patience on Those Who Joked About Kate Middleton

The actress/talk show host spoke on the phenomenon that’s been unfolding over the past week or so — namely, the fact that people are getting dragged for having made light of Kate’s mysterious situation ahead of her cancer diagnosis announcement.

There’ve been a lot of people who’ve had to eat crow over this — and that goes for Colbert too, who dedicated a little time on his show Monday to express regret for his recent bit.

Colbert was far from the only one who cracked jokes about it all — remember, Blake Lively has apologized for her own quips about the whole thing before it was clear how serious it really was — but on the issue of demanding retribution against these folks … Drew’s eye-rolling.

Check out what she had to say about those who’s clutching their pearls on behalf of the Princess — as she wisely says … we all need to show a little patience, and a lot of grace.

Drew relays this in the most Drew Barrymore way — something our photog notes, and which DB seems very grateful for us to have noticed. Watch … she really is America’s Sweetheart.


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