EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Why £26,000-a-day Cara Delevingne has lots to smile about


By her own admission, Cara Delevingne fell into a ‘bad place’ last year, leading her to seek help from a therapist.

I can disclose that her personal troubles were, however, cushioned by a bumper financial year which saw her earn £26,800 a day.

A year ago, the top model and actress, 30, was troubled with health issues which culminated in worrying pictures of her appearing jittery and shoeless after a sleepless night.

But despite these worries she had been busy generating £9.8million in turnover for her company, Cara and Co Ltd, newly filed accounts show.

The staggering turnover was a rise of £1.1million on the previous year and meant she was able to draw £7million in dividends.

Overall she has a fortune of £35.2million, the accounts say, and it is perhaps understandably they are buoyant about the future.

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: By her own admission, Cara Delevingne (pictured on March 12) fell into a ‘bad place’ last year, leading her to seek help from a therapist

Cara Delevingne attends The 2023 Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 1

The company has established a strong brand image and continues to obtain numerous long-term modelling contracts, a note in the accounts states.

‘Over the past few years the company has started to establish itself within the acting and film industry.’

But, bearing in mind the wobble Cara experienced last year, the paperwork cautions against complacency and says that a principal potential pitfall is ‘the risk of loss of reputation arising from negative publicity that may result in a loss of contracts and thus a reduction in revenue’.

Earlier this year, she spoke of how the pictures of her at a Los Angeles airport were a wake-up call to seek help battling her demons.

‘Sometimes you need a reality check, so in a way those pictures were something to be grateful for,’ she said in a Vogue interview. It led to her seeing a therapist for the first time in three years and a realisation that she need to work constantly on her wellbeing.

‘I’ve had interventions of a sort, but I wasn’t ready – that’s the problem,’ she added. ‘I hadn’t seen a therapist in three years. I just kind of pushed everyone away, which made me realise how much I was in a bad place.

‘I always thought that the work needs to be done when the times are bad, but actually the work needs to be done when they’re good. The work needs to be done consistently. It’s never going to be fixed or fully healed but I’m okay with that, and that’s the difference.’

Gardening job fit for the King

This must be one of the most challenging jobs in horticulture: King Charles is seeking a head gardener for Highgrove, his beloved private home in Gloucestershire.

‘Highgrove Garden is a highly renowned garden, described as one of the most inspiring and innovative gardens in the UK,’ boasts the ad. 

The salary is not given, but the successful candidate must ‘ensure the organic status of the garden is maintained’ and ‘show exceptional levels of commitment to maintaining the garden for conservation and biodiversity’.

It warns that the gardener must have the ‘ability to take direction and advice from a variety of different specialists, advisers and managers’. Including His Majesty, no doubt.

Suited and booted, Madge clan hit town

Even at 65, Madonna remains the Queen of Pop, but she was over-shadowed by her son on his 18th birthday.

David Banda — whom she adopted from Malawi in 2006 with her then husband, film director Guy Ritchie — towered over the 5ft 4in American superstar at the party, held at The Fleur Room in New York. 

David, who is training to be a professional footballer, looked dapper in a white dinner suit and black bow tie.

His sister Estere gave him a run for his money in a natty pin-striped suit. 

She and her 11-year-old twin sister, Stella (far right), were adopted by Madonna from Malawi in 2017.

The Material Girl herself caught the eye in a pair of knee-high silver boots.

Suited and booted: The Madge clan hit town for her son’s 18th birthday

The Earl of Devon, who lives with his wife, former Baywatch star A. J. Langer, at Powderham Castle near Exeter, has made a romantic discovery in an attic room.

‘I found my grandparents’ love letters during the pandemic, which we knew nothing about,’ reveals the Earl, Charlie Courtenay. 

‘My grandparents had this great romance. It was kind of clandestine because she had been previously married.’

Caroline Quentin, the no-nonsense star of Jonathan Creek and Men Behaving Badly, has revealed she’s getting treatment for stress. ‘I get more and more anxious as I get older,’ the 63-year-old explains. ‘I’m seeking a bit of help for it at the moment.’

One way Quentin does relax is pottering round with no clothes on: ‘If it’s really hot, nude in the greenhouse. It’s not overlooked.’ 

She adds: ‘I might go for a naked swim in the pond at home.’

Bulgarian royals turn out for the death of Boris…

While the Windsors steel themselves for one last battering in the final series of Netflix hit The Crown, their foreign cousins were out on the town this week to see another tale of royal romance, intrigue and skulduggery — and loving it.

The Brief Life & Mysterious Death of Boris III, King of Bulgaria tells the tale of the wartime monarch who died mysteriously after saving nearly 50,000 Jews from the Nazis, leaving his son Simeon as boy king.

Now 86, Simeon, a good friend of King Charles, was unable to attend this week’s first night at the Arcola Theatre in East London.

But the family attended en masse, led by his son Prince Kyril Saxe-Coburg.

Boris Johnson’s wife, Carrie, has started using the Zoe blood glucose monitoring app, described as the Fitbit for the nutrition fitterati. 

‘Anyone else doing Zoe?’ the media consultant, 35, asks friends online.

Zoe touts itself as the largest nutrition study, offering tests and guidance from food boffin Professor Tim Spector. Zoe sent Carrie a thank-you letter for participating in their blood sugar study.

At £299.99 for testing and £24.99 for monthly membership, it’s quite an outlay.

Boris Johnson’s wife, Carrie, has started using the Zoe blood glucose monitoring app


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