EVE Fanfest 2023 Begins: EVE Online Celebrates 20 Years With Its Biggest Fan Event



  • EVE Fanfest 2023, celebrating the 20th anniversary of EVE Online, is taking place in Iceland with a sold-out crowd and promises to be the biggest turnout yet.
  • The event includes fan-favorite traditions like the iconic Party at The Top of The World and various meetups with players and developers.
  • CCP Games is known for its transparent communication with players, and this year’s Fanfest will feature announcements and surprises that will provide insights into the future of the EVE universe. The event will also be streamed on Twitch for those watching from home.



What does EVE Online, the biggest space game ever, and Screen Rant have in common? Both are celebrating their 20th anniversaries this year and both are in Iceland right now for EVE Fanfest 2023!

The celebrated annual event returns again to Reykjavik, Iceland – the home of EVE Online developer CCP Games – with a three-day show beginning today and promises to have the biggest turnout yet. Tickets for EVE Online 2023 sold out last month and if we’re lucky, we may get a glimpse of the Northern Lights since this is the first time Fanfest has taken place in September.

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For everyone watching from home, the presentations, interviews, and other content will stream live on Friday and Saturday on where players can earn in-game rewards from Twitch drops.

EVE Fanfest 2023 Live Schedule

We’ll also be covering the event live on Twitter @screenrant & @rob_keyes and on Instagram @screenrant.

EVE Fanfest 2023 continues many fan-favorite traditions from the iconic Party at The Top of The World taking place at the same venue as Fanfest (and the annual Pub Crawl to various other meetups with players and devs, even a tour of the city and a charity dinner with CCP Games CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson.

But most importantly, it’s about the community and the announcements. No one does it like CCP in being transparent and communicating with the players and it’s the players who define the experience of EVE Online, a place where the strongest bonds in gaming are formed. And this year’s show is no exception as there will be announcements and surprises throughout the event, most notably during Friday’s Keynote presentation where we’ll gain insights into the future of the EVE universe.

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Find out more on the official EVE Fanfest website.


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