Everything To Know About Kathryn Edwards’ Husband Donnie Edwards


  • Kathryn Edwards, former cast member of RHOBH, had a controversial past due to her connection with O.J. Simpson and rumors of cheating by her ex-husband, Marcus Allen.
  • Donnie Edwards, Kathryn’s current husband, had a successful football career, playing as a linebacker for UCLA and later getting drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Donnie is now retired from football and spends his time doing charity work, particularly with organizations that helped him during his youth. He and Kathryn live between San Diego and Brentwood.



During The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 6, viewers were introduced to Kathryn Edwards and her husband, Donnie Edwards; however, much of his background was left out of the show. Viewers met Kathryn several episodes into the season through long-time RHOBH cast member Lisa Rinna. When Kathryn appeared on her first episode, the first thing Lisa brought up was Kathryn’s connection to O.J. Simpson. Prior to her marriage to Donnie, Kathryn was married to O.J.’s close friend, Marcus Allen.

Before Kathryn and Marcus were married, rumors began circulating in the early 90s that Marcus was cheating on Kathryn. The news became public knowledge in 1994 when Faye Resnick published a book about Nicole Brown Simpson’s life shortly after she was murdered. Faye accused Kathryn in a feud of ignoring his cheating, which Kathryn was still upset about during RHOBH season 6. However, Kathryn has since moved on from her past drama and is enjoying life with her husband, Donnie.

Donnie Edwards’ Rise To Fame Explained

Kathryn and Donnie Edwards being affectionate on Instagram from RHOBH

Donnie was born on April 6, 1973, making him 50 years old. He grew up in Chula Vista, California, a city just outside the San Diego metropolitan area. He grew up in a huge family and is the second born of eight brothers and sisters. Even though his circumstances were not the best, Donnie excelled in school and sports. In fact, Donnie became a linebacker despite only weighing 170 pounds. Donnie believed if he did well in school, he would be able to reach his dream of being a successful football player. It seemed to have worked out for him as Donnie accepted a scholarship to UCLA, where he played as a linebacker for their football team from 1992 to 1995 (via Pro Football References).

After a successful run with football and sports in general while at UCLA, Donnie was drafted in the fourth round of the 1996 NFL Draft by the Kansas City Chiefs. In 2002, Donnie was signed to the San Diego Chargers under a five-year contract as an unrestricted free agent (via Hartford Courant). Donnie was with the Chargers until March 2007 and was re-signed with the Kansas City Chiefs.

After two years with the team, Donnie was released from his contract in 2009 and retired from football (via Kansas City Chiefs). During Donnie’s time as a football player, he married Kathryn. The pair currently live between their two homes in San Diego and Brentwood, California. Donnie also puts much of his time into charity work now that he is retired. Most of his time and donations go to organizations that have provided positive guidance during his youth and even created Dad’s Day with Donnie, which he hosts in San Diego (via ABC 10 News).

Since retiring from football, Donnie has enjoyed his life away from the field. That was made clear during his and Kathryn’s brief appearance on RHOBH season 6. Maybe now that time has passed, Kathryn will reconsider and rejoin the popular Bravo series again, but it’s unlikely.

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