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Explore Full Details On Helena inácio Rodrigues, And Magazine

Luiza Trajano Donato Wikipedia says on the Helena Inacio and the Magazine Luiza. Know more on Luiza Trajano Donato Idade from below.

What do you know about Luiza Trajano? When did she pass away? What do you think was the reason for Luiza’s death? What was Luiza’s age? The death of Luiza is mourned by people from different places like Brazil, Portugal, and the United States. Try to get more details on Luiza by reading Luiza Trajano Donato Wikipedia.     

Luiza Trajano Donato Wikipedia

The founder of the Magazine Luiza category, Luiza Trajano Donato, passed away in Franca early on Monday morning. Luiza Trajano was 97 years old. It has been stated that she died naturally at home. Franca’s magazine stores stayed shut on Monday as a show of sorrow.

Today, businesswoman Luiza Helena Trajano inácio Rodrigues, niece of Luiza Trajano taking care. Helena is in charge of Magazine Luiza. On Monday, the funeral for Luiza Trajano is planned to begin at the Sao Vicente wake in Franca at 10 a.m.

Luiza Trajano Donato Idade

Luiza Trajano Donato, who had been born on September 20, 1926. The place of birth of Luiza was Sao Paulo. She was well-known in Franca as a famous saleswoman. It happened then that she and her partner established the chain’s first store. It grew to become one of the biggest in the nation in 1957. Luiza died at the age of 97.

At the age of 31, she invested the earnings that she earned. The money was made during her years of retail labor to purchase her own company. Luiza Helena Trajano is taking care of Magazine Luiza at present.

Whom did Luiza Trajano married?

Luiza got married to her lifelong lover, Pelegrino Jose Donato. Customers were about to rebrand Cristaleira, a shop selling gifts. In the heart of Franca, Magazine Luiza is in honor of the person deemed to be the best salesperson in the city.

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When did Luiza Helena Trajano inácio Rodrigues took the charge of company?

As per sources, Luiza Trajano Donato was childless. However, she shared love, care, and energy with her family and Magazine Luiza for nearly her whole life. She appointed her niece Luiza Helena Trajano as company president in the 1990s.

When did Luiza Helena Trajano inácio Rodrigues took the charge of company

Magalu was a standard family-run devices and furnishings store chain at the time. Mostly the stores can be found in Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais. Luiza Helena, currently chairman of the organization’s Board of Directors, oversaw the transformation of Magazine Luiza. It changed into a publicly traded national store among the nation’s most highly regarded business environments. Luiza Trajano Donato  Idade died at of 97 years.


Name: Luiza Trajano Donato

Bon on the year: September 20, 1926

She lost her life on February 12, 2024

Age: 97 years

Career: Owner of the Magazine Luiza

Husband: Pelegrino Jose Donato

Children: no

Height: unknown

Weight: Unknown

Net worth: unknown

The head of Magazine Luiza and it will be taken care of by Luiza Helena Trajano.


Luiza Trajano Donato, the creator of the Magazine Luiza group, passed away in the early morning of Monday in Franca. The age of Luiza Trajano was 97. It is reported that she passed away at home from natural reasons. As a sign of sadness, Franca’s magazine stores remained closed on Monday. Learn more about Luiza from online.

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