Fall Guys Stuck on Loading Screen, Why is Fall Guys Not Loading? How to Fix Fall Guys Not Loading?

Fall Guys Stuck on Loading Screen

In recent times, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout players have been encountering a frustrating loading screen glitch, a predicament not limited to Nintendo Switch users but also prevalent across other gaming platforms. Mediatonic, the game’s developer, attempted to address this by launching the Fall Force update.

This substantial update introduced an array of innovative obstacles and builder tools, such as bean barriers, buttons, carriable pressure plates, punching blocks, speed arches, and more, promising an enhanced gaming experience. Additionally, players can anticipate the arrival of fresh rounds in the coming weeks, keeping the excitement alive in the Fall Guys universe.

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Why is Fall Guys not Loading? 

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout players encountering frustrating loading issues may find the root of the problem lying in cache-related concerns and system requirements. Over time, cached data on the system can become outdated or corrupted, impacting the game’s loading process.

Clearing this cached data and removing unnecessary temporary files can often alleviate these issues. Additionally, inadequate system hardware that falls below the game’s minimum requirements may struggle to load and run the game smoothly, resulting in prolonged loading times.


How to Fix Fall Guys not Loading?

Attempt to Start Game Without Controllers: 

  • Start the game without connecting any controllers to your system.

If Unsuccessful, Clear Saved Data:

  • Navigate to the game’s settings or options menu.
  • Look for an option related to “Clear Saved Data” or similar.
  • Choose to clear saved data.

Restart and Launch Game:

  • Restart the game after clearing the saved data.
  • Try launching the game again.

Verify No Loss of Progress: 

  • Confirm that your progress, in-game currency, and costumes are retained after clearing the saved data.

Monitor for Updates: 

  • Stay informed about any official updates or patches from the game’s developers that may address this issue.

Fall Guys

Fall Guys, also known as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, is a game where up to 40 players control cute characters and compete in fun challenges like obstacle courses or soccer. The goal is to be the last one standing as players are eliminated in each round. The game is inspired by TV shows and playground games.

It was first released in August 2020 for PlayStation 4 and Windows. Later, it became free to play in June 2022 and came to more platforms like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Players can customize their avatars through a battle pass system.

People liked the game’s crazy gameplay and look, but some fans have had concerns lately. Still, it became a big success, with millions of copies sold and many players enjoying it, especially after it became free to play. The developers keep updating the game to make it even better. The latest update added new things to the level editor, made some changes, fixed bugs, and introduced a new theme.

Fall Guys Overview




Devolver Digital (2020–2021)

Epic Games (2021–present)


Jamie Riding


Alex Ruse


Joseph Walsh


Joel Herber

Rakesh Vangur


PS4, Windows

WW: 4 August 2020

NS, PS5, Xbox One, Series X/S

WW: 21 June 2022


Battle royale, platform



Fall Guys Gameplay 

Fall Guys is a competitive game where up to 40 players engage in a battle royale-style competition. Players, depicted as jellybean-like figures, navigate a 3D playing field using various actions like jumping, grabbing/climbing, and diving. The goal is to qualify for subsequent rounds by successfully completing randomly selected mini-games with different variations.

The mini-games encompass a range of challenges including race rounds to reach the finish line, survival rounds to avoid falling into slime, hunt rounds to collect items, logic rounds to test memory, team rounds where collaboration is key, invisibeans rounds with invisible opponents, and final rounds for the last remaining players featuring a random mini-game. The winner is the last player standing or the first to finish.

In the game, players can use “Kudos,” an in-game currency, to purchase various cosmetics and customizations such as nameplates, nametags, patterns, faceplates, and colors for their character. Kudos can be earned by completing weekly challenges, progressing through the fame pass, or participating in events. Crowns, another currency, were premium but transitioned to Crown Rank status on June 21, 2022.

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