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Fans have compelling theory on who Pruned Loki in season 2 premiere

Who pruned Loki in the season 2 episode 1 ending? HITC contemplates the theories and suspects that have emerged in the wake of the season premiere.

Tom Hiddleston is back as your favorite god of mischief in Loki, and the first episode of season 2 premiered on Disney+ on Thursday, October 5th 2023. Much has been said about the return ahead of time, whether that’s about its budget or the MCU debut of Academy Award winner Ke Huy Quan. Now that it’s here, there’s one question that’s demanding top priority though: Who pruned Loki in season 2?

Tom Hiddleston as Loki and Owen Wilson as Mobius argue in the TVA headquarters
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‘Who pruned Loki’ season 2 suspects

Loki and Mobius are reunited in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but have to unite to prevent further slips through time, taking their mission to the Department of Repairs and Advancement, which brings Ouroboros (OB) into the mix.

He persuades them that they need a temporal aura extractor to use in the Temporal Loom. Ultimately, Loki must prune himself and Mobius goes into the Temporal Loom when Loki slips through time yet again.

It’s this time, on the other hand, that he finds Sylvie. Yet, just as they reunite Loki is pruned by an unidentified figure.

Of course, the Loki season 2 episode 1 ending leaves the mysterious figure’s identity ambiguous, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a list of suspects. It’s suggested that Loki and Sylvie’s encounter takes place in the future, meaning that Mobius or OB could have been preparing to prune him there.

It could also have been Casey or Hunter B-15. However, the list of suspects can be expanded if you consider Ravonna Renslayer, who may have had the motive of banishing him to The Void.

Fans have a theory on ‘Who pruned Loki’

While there is no shortage of suspects, some fans have served up a curious theory that it was actually Loki who pruned himself.

“So people are wondering who pruned Loki and I have a strong theory it’s a future version of Loki,” they explained, “hence why Sylvie says ‘there you are’ in a tone of panic due to everyone else rushing around and maybe they’re working together.”

“I think Loki pruned Loki, to be honest,” another fan echoed, “a future Loki.”

Similarly, one also wrote, “No so hear me out, before this moment when he hears the phone ringing, he already timeslipped to that same moment and pruned his future self, that’s why he lost all sense of urgency when he heard the phone because he already knew he would be there to prune him.”

Loki season 2 episode 2 is on the way

Loki season 2 episode 2 is scheduled to premiere on Thursday, October 12th 2023.

Episodes premiere on Thursdays in the US and Fridays in the UK, with six episodes in total taking the series up to a finale premiere date of Thursday, November 9th 2023.

Loki is streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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