Far-left Hollywood actor accuses Democrat Party of selling out the working class, being ‘full of sh-t’


Far-leftist Hollywood actor John Cusack has accused the Democrat Party of selling out the working class and being “full of sh-t.”

The anti-American zealot went off on a lengthy rant in a Twitter (X) post published on Monday in response to a Jacobin article about how “some Democrats” are trying to outlaw a wealth tax.

All Republicans for their part staunchly oppose a wealth tax because it’d mean taxing unrealized capital gains, which many agree is insane. But the fact that “some Democrats” also rightly oppose it was too much for Cusack.

“This is what liberals /neoliberals have never understood – or taken responsibility for – that they have played a major part in creating the precise conditions for fascism to flourish – Obama corporatist democrats – are to the right of Richard Nixon on domestic policy – Don’t believe me – look it up – and dems have sold out the working class for decades – and this kind of bought and paid- for betrayal of principals , fairness – historical precedent -any sense of moral or intellectual honesty,” he wrote.

“The kind of brutal selfish horrific actions one only does – because they can get away with it – Cause all yr Yale and Harvard buddies will tell you how great and smart you all are – and they are all in bed with all the all the same big , big money power players- And we run the world – right ? – this kind of staggering amoral bullshit – is one of the main reason ( yes there are others ) trumps demagoguery works on people. The democratic elite ARE full of sh-t,” he continued.

Despite being wrong about the wealth tax, Cusack was right about Democrats selling out the working class and being full of it. As previously reported many times before (here, here, here), modern Democrats care more about being “woke” than about the economic/financial situation of the American people.

Continuing his rant, Cusack focused his attention on his beloved wealth tax.

“Imagine arguing this – in these times . TOTAL insanity- or in another sense a totally corrupt rigging of the game for concentrated wealth- you are literally working to preserve the Koch brothers – musk gates besos -all the federalist society billionaires who bought the courts – to preserve and expand their plunder,” he wrote.

“Imagine what FDR would say about such a proposed law ?! Don’t worry fellas – the democrats will save the .ooooooo1 % from paying tax – the hubris to do this – is staggering – it’s a sham and an insult to everyone’s basic intelligence – the contempt for people – To even attempt this  Unbelievable,” he added.

Again, taxing unrealized gains is patently insane. It’s also unfeasible, and the proof lies in Europe, where a wealth tax failed by leaps and bounds.

“In 1990, twelve countries in Europe had a wealth tax. Today, there are only three: Norway, Spain, and Switzerland. According to reports by the OECD and others, there were some clear themes with the policy: it was expensive to administer, it was hard on people with lots of assets but little cash, it distorted saving and investment decisions, it pushed the rich and their money out of the taxing countries—and, perhaps worst of all, it didn’t raise much revenue,” according to NPR.

Cusack continued his rant by targeting one of the left-wingers mentioned in the Jacobin piece: MSNBC contributor Neal Katyal.

“What katyal said about federalist society judges is sad and sickening – but one could write it off as insider baseball / professional respect ( I guess ) BUT Imagine arguing this shit – to make taxing the .000000001 % illegal. Arguing against a wealth tax for besos musk gates – basically it doesn’t count as taxable income unless it’s cash ? Whoa – I see what you did their Neal – that’s clever !” he wrote.

“Think of the Eisenhower corporate tax rates – The minimum wage is 7 dollars – Katyal is well and good outing trumps lawlessness and putting the fascists in their place legally – But seems like he’s working on achieving their greatest victory – so we find out he’s working on making it illegal to tax the wealthiest oligarchs in the history of earth ? This – is “ let them eat cake “ hubris,” he added.

He concluded his rant with a dig at former President Barack Obama.

Corporatist dems sell us out for the 7000 time? When ‘ hope ‘ and change is just another branded hustle. It’s savage,” he wrote.

Responding to Cusack’s rant, conservatives were quick to agree with what he said about the Democrat Party selling out the working class but equally quick to shut down the rest of his leftist ideas.



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