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Fear of ‘skinwalker in Paris’ sweeps TikTok as alleged September sightings surface

As if the ‘skinwalker caught on camera’ in a school in Ohio wasn’t scary enough, an irrational fear of the mythological creatures is looming large on TikTok with people claiming its presence in Paris in the month of September.

Discussions about these mystic figures have been running parallel to debates on extraterrestrials and supposed UFO sightings worldwide. Unlike an alien that’s mostly associated with outer space, skinwalkers trace their roots back to folklore and are found to be more terrifying than non-being creatures from a different planet.

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Fear of ‘skinwalker in Paris’ sweeps TikTok

TikTok users are desperate to find out if skinwalkers have invaded Paris, after videos claiming the same have been going around the last couple of days.

Unlike the ones “caught on camera” in an Ohio school depicting the creepy creatures, the videos on the supposed skinwalker in Paris don’t necessarily show the identity in question.

Multiple TikToks of ‘skinwalkers in Paris’ that have gathered a lot of attention typically feature people running away to evade something that’s coming for them.

The captions claim that supposed skinwalkers were “sighted in Pairs in September” and each report is dated to a different time of the month.

However, sightings of the sort never made it to the news and there’s no proof to tell if there’s any truth to the claims of one or more skinwalkers in Paris.

What is a skinwalker?

Skinwalkers are believed to be shape-shifting magical witches with their origins in the Navajo folklore. Legend holds these creatures can take any form and even disguise themselves as humans.

The mystic creatures with extraordinary powers can apparently possess humans and animals driven with evil intentions to cause harm.

Skinwalkers have found references in the fictional realm for a long time and have been at the center of social media discussions with every new sighting or report claiming their existence, but there is no evidence to prove they are real.

Another recent instance of an alleged skinwalker was noted when a lady on an American Aarline went berserk at a co-passenger claiming they weren’t real. The allegations resulted in people speculating the co-passenger on the plane to be a shape-shifting lizard human.

Unverified reports from September leave users confused

The videos alleging “skinwalkers in Paris” come across as content chasing clout and users aren’t sure what to make of them.

Some have straight out refuted the baseless claims of witches on the streets of Paris, while others are trying to find out if such an occurrence is even possible.

One commented: ” I thought skinwalker was in only America. When did it come to France?”

“I don’t believe this to be true. There are so many people why are they not fighting the skinwalker,” asked another.

“I am sure this a movie scene because it makes no sense,” added one.

Another confused fan said: “What even is a skinwalker? Never heard of these before and they are Paris?”

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