Future Fear The Walking Dead Character Stories Teased By Showrunners After Series Finale

Warning: This post contains MAJOR spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead




  • Fear the Walking Dead has concluded, but the characters’ stories are not over, with potential spinoff shows in discussion.
  • The showrunners intentionally left the plots open for future exploration, allowing for more storytelling if AMC decides to continue.
  • Possible spinoff ideas include a Daniel and Skidmark show and a prequel series focusing on John Dorie’s experiences before meeting June in the apocalypse.

Fear the Walking Dead may be over, but the characters’ journeys aren’t. Spinning off from The Walking Dead, the show went back to the very start of the apocalypse and eventually caught up with the mainline series. Fear ran for eight seasons before finally coming to an end with “The Road Ahead,” written by showrunners Ian B. Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss. The show concluded a full year after Walking Dead‘s ending, and its future is murky.

While Fear the Walking Dead has finally concluded with a largely bloodless ending, the characters will likely be moving onto other parts of the universe. While insisting that it depends on the decisions that AMC makes, Goldberg and Chambliss spoke to Screen Rant about the future of Fear the Walking Dead‘s cast. According to the showrunners, they intentionally left the plots open for future exploration. While they have their favorite potential ideas, the future of the characters depends on AMC. Check out their quotes below:

Goldberg: That’s really more have a question for [executive producer] Scott Gimple and AMC. You’ve seen the finale, so these characters stories are constructed in such a way that they live on, there is more story to tell. They are going their separate ways, but they’re all carrying the weight of Madison’s and Alicia’s legacy. And there is certainly a lot more story to tell there, so, we’ll see, I guess is the answer. But our goal was to just bring Fear to a satisfying conclusion, and to leave open the possibility of more storytelling should the powers that be decide that they want more.

Chambliss: I want to see a Daniel and Skidmark spinoff. [Chuckles] Like a Turner and Hooch, but Daniel and Skidmark.

Goldberg: Oh, a prequel series with John Dorie at Humbug’s Gulch and how he navigated the apocalypse before meeting June.

The Future Of Fear The Walking Dead

Sanctuary villains in Fear The Walking Dead

Goldberg and Chambliss are considering multiple spinoff shows that can keep the legacy of Fear the Walking Dead alive. Daniel and Skidmark, a Dorie prequel, and countless other character shows are doubtlessly in discussion. The question is whether these shows can actually find the momentum to reach production.

Even if the characters never receive their own spinoffs, there are still several places where Fear characters can return. The Walking Dead: Dead City season 2 is on the way and could offer opportunities for characters to interact with Negan and Maggie. The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon season 2 is another option, though that is considerably less likely, given that Daryl is currently living and fighting in France. Fear‘s characters would need to travel through hostile territory just to find him.

The Walking Dead TV franchise began in 2010 and features seven spinoffs and eight webseries in addition to the original show.

Other upcoming The Walking Dead shows offer more likely paths. More Tales from the TWDU could be the perfect option, as the characters can tell their own episodic adventures. Every character from Fear could have a path to appear there sometime in the future. The Ones Who Live presents another option, especially with Rick in CRM custody and Michonne likely needing some additional support. With Morgan looking for Rick, other Fear characters could very well appear to support them both. Fear the Walking Dead is over, but the legacy of its characters will live on.

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