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GACHAGUA indirectly declares his stand on issues of LGBTQ in Kenya

Sunday, October 8, 2023 – Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has indirectly declared his stand on the debate about same-sex marriage in the country.

Through his wife, Pastor Dorcas Gachagua, the second in command said he doesn’t support same-sex marriage or gays and lesbians since it is immoral.

Pastor Dorcas noted that Africa had a culture and was not ready for such relationships.

“I am a pastor and am a mother, and I have never in the history of the world found where religion, that is Christianity, the Muslim and the traditional religion, the culture and the law, meet at one place and say that this is the wrong thing.

“In this country, it is not lawful for a man to marry a man. It is not lawful for a woman to marry a woman. It is illegal,” Pastor Dorcas said.

 “Africa is not ready for that, we have our culture, we have our own religion, we have our religion, I think it is time we come out and speak.

“When you hear us speak about this, it is because we want to have a thriving Africa,” she added.



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