Gerry Turner Reveals If The Golden Bachelor In Paradise Would Be A Good Or Bad Idea


  • The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner expresses skepticism about the possibility of there being a Golden version of Bachelor In Paradise.
  • Despite his doubts, Gerry acknowledges that many individuals from The Golden Bachelor would be great on a beach and have an amazing experience.
  • While Gerry refuses to single out a choice, fans have their own preferences for who should become the first Golden Bachelorette, including Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist.



The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner is opening up about the future odds there could be a Golden version of Bachelor In Paradise. While Gerry’s journey as The Golden Bachelor is coming to an end, there’s still drama left to unfold on the inaugural season of the Bachelor Nation spin-off. As Gerry prepares to defend his final decision and reveal the woman he’s chosen to spend the rest of his life with, many are looking ahead to what’s next for The Golden Bachelor as an entity. While most are hopeful for The Golden Bachelorette season 1, some are thinking outside the box.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Gerry isn’t getting his hopes up for a season of Golden Bachelor In Paradise. “I just don’t know if that’s something I would support,” Gerry admitted when asked about the possibility for a beach-side turn for the cast. Gerry continued on, however, “I do know there’s an awful lot of individuals from The Golden Bachelor that would be fantastic on a beach. They would have the time of their lives!” While Gerry may not be supportive of the idea of Golden Bachelor In Paradise, it’s possible the show could go on if there is enough interest.

Gerry Turner Refuses To Say Who Should Be The Golden Bachelorette

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While Gerry’s speaking out about the future of the franchise, he’s also sharing his thoughts on who could become the very first Golden Bachelorette. In a recent interview with People, Gerry shared that, “I think it would be exciting because it’s going to continue the theme that we’ve started of being hopeful and being visible at our age.” While there’s at least one woman Gerry likely wouldn’t nominate for the lead, he kept it diplomatic when he was asked who should be handing out roses as the first The Golden Bachelorette. “There’s 22 women that stand out. I absolutely would not be able to single one out…there’s no bad choice.”

While Gerry may not be playing favorites, The Golden Bachelor fans have some thoughts on who should become the very first Golden Bachelorette, if there is one. Though Gerry has yet to make his final choice, if either Leslie Fhima or Theresa Nist are open to becoming the first lead of the women’s side of the franchise, fans would be thrilled. Outside of Leslie or Theresa, many have already been campaigning for their favorites to take the lead on The Golden Bachelorette. There’s been interest in Faith Martin, Susan Noles, Sandra Mason, and Ellen Goltzer from Bachelor Nation, who are hoping to see the spin-off expand.

With Gerry’s time as The Golden Bachelor coming to an end, many are ready to see a new group of people looking for love after some renewed faith in the franchise. Though The Golden Bachelorette hasn’t been confirmed yet, there’s hope that seeing the success of the original spin-off will ensure that a second series comes to fruition. With nearly an entire cast of women to choose from, The Golden Bachelor fans are excited to learn if they’ll have a whole new series to look forward to in the future, and hope to see one of the women in charge next time.

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