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In the year 2017, the individual underwent a profound realization. The individual received an invitation to deliver a lecture at an exclusive, high-end hotel situated in the remote Californian desert. Subsequently, it was revealed that the event was a private gathering, attended by a select group of five millionaire executives.

The individuals in question exhibited a lack of interest in the current advancements in technology and networks, which happen to be the areas of expertise for the writer and university professor. Instead, they expressed a desire to engage in a discussion regarding the strategies that would enhance their chances of survival during a hypothetical “event.” This event, speculated to potentially lead to the demise or temporary halt of our civilization, encompasses various scenarios such as environmental collapse, social unrest, nuclear explosion, solar storm, unstoppable virus, major computer sabotage, or machine rebellion.

When considering the optimal location for private subterranean bunkers, one may contemplate the merits of Alaska versus New Zealand. Which threat carries a higher probability, climate change or biological warfare? What is the most effective approach to prevent security officers stationed at their shelters from becoming hostile towards them?

The meeting had a profound impression on the esteemed New York thinker, who is well recognized as a prominent figure in the realm of cultural cyberpunk and is renowned for his adherence to Marxist ideologies. The individual comprehended that the affluent group overseeing the technological sector have not only vast wealth, but also holds the belief that humanity is destined for a catastrophic fate. Consequently, they have devised a contingency plan, commonly involving evacuation and seeking refuge in a secure location.

Individuals of the highest socioeconomic status surpass the confines of opulent subterranean shelters. Jeff Bezos has a desire to embark on space exploration, while Elon Musk aspires to establish human settlements on the planet Mars. Peter Thiel, the founder of Palantir, has expressed his objective of reversing the aging process. Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, and Ray Kurzweil, a prominent figure at Google, engage in the process of transferring human consciousness into computer systems. Mark Zuckerberg seeks solace within the metaverse.

There exists a variety of strategies to disengage from the predicaments for which individuals have had a contributing role. Furthermore, the remainder of the human population.


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