Going Home With Tyler Cameron Review: The Bachelorette Star Knocks Down Some Walls

Executive Producers Scott Feeley, Sarah Presta, Glenna Stacer Sayles, Chaz Morgan, Tyler Cameron
Cast Tyler Cameron, Jessica Quintero, Robb Ritch
Episodes 8
Genre Reality TV

In Going Home With Tyler Cameron we see The Bachelorette star Cameron going back to his roots and reconnecting with his family after his mother’s death and making his lifelong dream of starting a construction and home renovation company a reality. The reality TV series, much like the hundreds of others on streaming sites, is a cliched affair with not-so-chic homes turning into modern, cute and attractive wonders while we learn a little more about Cameron’s own life, dreams and aspirations with his new company and life.

Going Home With Tyler Cameron Review

This is a simple entertainer that hardly has any stakes attached to it. Thus, if you’re looking for a calm renovation show with some fun moments and a dashing man at the forefront, then this series should be a good addition. In every episode, Cameron and his two trusty companions take up different home projects and deliver a dream home to the residents. It’s all good fun and the series is even able to give us some moments of warmth and humour. There are no unnecessary cat fights or people betraying each other for no reason – it’s all in good faith.

However, there’s not much else happening in this show apart from that. Although we do get to learn a bit about Cameron’s personal life, it doesn’t feel very genuine considering we are seeing it through the lens of a reality TV show. The fact that the cameras are there in certain situations take away from the genuine angle of the show and makes it feel staged and performative. Additionally, Cameron, although the selling point of the show, feels confused in a lot of the scenes. As we coast over the various details of the renovations within a ~40 minute runtime (which also contains discussions surrounding his personal life), Cameron is the one who looks out of place although, to his credit, he does specify that he is still new and learning.

Another interesting thing about these house renovation shows is that we strictly focus on rich people, which always rubs me the wrong way. Like, it would be nice to see people’s homes becoming something beautiful even though they don’t have $50K to drop, you know? Plus, every other home have started to look the same – whether it be on social media or these reality shows, the sheer amount of pastels and muted colours and the lack of colours is rather surprising and alarming. I mean, don’t get me wrong, pastels are great – but when not even one pillow cover can have a bright colour, there’s only so much that you can play with.

Going Home With Tyler Cameron Review

It’s also a little odd that Cameron, starts off his venture with this newfound business doesn’t have any issues with finding clients who have so much faith on him with their rather expensive renovations. Sure, one might say that Cameron’s parents’ good wills plays a part in a way, but still, it’s a little confusing to watch him get so many jobs so soon after starting out. I think it’s a little weird to say that Cameron was a shoo-in from the moment he started his business and maybe showcasing his struggles would’ve made the experience more realistic.

In the end, thus, things start to feel a bit repetitive. Thankfully, Cameron’s boyish charms do leave our hearts fluttering sometimes and he does seem genuine in how much he cares for those around him. But that’s not enough to steer an 8-episode series forward. However, thankfully we don’t see the messiness of other reality shows of the same genre so I guess that’s a win.

Going Home With Tyler Cameron Review: Final Thoughts

Going Home With Tyler Cameron Review

When it comes to these reality shows, one might watch them to have a calm and no messy experience. We get exactly that and the general vibe of the series is really chill – which is a plus. Cameron is quite charming and the houses all end up looking stunning and with Cameron’s personal story in the mix, it does feel warm to watch sometimes. But that’s not new for this genre and at this point, things are getting a little repetitive.

Going Home With Tyler Cameron is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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