Golden Bachelor’s Gerry Turner Hilariously Attempts To Guess Gen Z Slang


  • The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner, despite being a charming and mature bachelor, struggles to understand current slang.
  • The women on The Golden Bachelor, unlike Gerry, have a better grasp of Gen Z slang terms.
  • Gerry’s journey on The Golden Bachelor has been successful, showing that love is important at any age.



The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner may be able to make women swoon with his charming personality, but he’s still got some things to learn when it comes to current slang. Gerry, whose final rose recipient will be revealed in the finale of The Golden Bachelor season 1, has been charming his way through his dating pool and showing the value of bringing mature relationships to reality TV throughout the season. After the tragic passing of his wife Toni, Gerry signed up for The Golden Bachelor to meet someone new with the support of his daughters and granddaughters. After a whirlwind season, Gerry’s journey is coming to an end.

While Gerry may be off the market in terms of love, he still has a lot to learn about current slang. In a TikTok shared by @bachelornation, Gerry and several of his contestants were asked the meaning behind some of the most popular current slang terms. Gerry, who has 2 young granddaughters and has shared that he does his best to stay up to date on pop culture, had a hard time deciphering a few of the words.

When asked what “no cap” means, Gerry shared, “I think it means no style,” laughing when he realized he was wrong. Gerry also fumbled when asked what “bet” means, sharing he thought it was, “somebody who is faking it, or, or putting up a false front,” but before he could be told he was wrong, Gerry explained, “I’m not close, I can tell by the reaction here, not even close.”

Golden Bachelor Women Also Try To Decipher Gen Z Slang

While Gerry wasn’t great at making his way through some of the most recent Gen Z slang terms, the women of The Golden Bachelor did a decent job at figuring out the definitions. When asked about the definition of “touch grass”, one group of women including Kathy Swats, April Kirkwood, and Susan Noles had the right answer. “You need to get grounded,” Susan explained, while April agreed, sharing, “it’s spiritual, I know the spiritual.” Kathy joked “I’d rather smoke it,” with a laugh. When asked about what “drip” means, former Bachelor Matt James mother Patty James was correct in explaining, “I like your outfit, like, I like your drip.”

Watching the older cast of The Golden Bachelor try to figure out what some new and interesting slang terms is fun and shows a totally other side to the group. Gerry’s journey on The Golden Bachelor has been successful for the franchise, showing viewers that love is still important at any age. Gerry, who lost someone near and dear to him, putting himself out there as a fun guy who’s simply for someone to spend the rest of his life with was courageous, and has paid off. While the cast of The Golden Bachelor likes to poke fun at themselves, seeing them be honest and open has been refreshing.

As The Golden Bachelor season 1 continues on, Gerry will have to make some tremendously difficult decisions. With his finalists Theresa Nist and Leslie Fhima both heading into the Fantasy Suite dates with Gerry, the couples will finally have the chance to get some privacy with each other. Though Gerry’s facing a tough decision, he ultimately has already come out of The Golden Bachelor as a winner. Gerry and the cast of women surrounding him have put themselves out there and found that viewers were willing to embrace them with open arms.

Source: bachelornation/TikTok


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