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Goosebumps Episode 5 Ending Explained: Does Margot Die in the Fire?

Goosebumps Episode 5 Ending Explained: Based on the book series of the same name by R. L. Stine, this Hulu horror-comedy is developed by Rob Letterman and Nicholas Stoller. The fifth episode is called ‘Reader Beware’ and is written by Mariko Tamaki. The runtime is under 40 minutes.

In the cast, we see Justin Long as Nathan Bratt, Ana Yi Puig as Isabella, Miles McKenna as James, Will Price as Lucas, Zack Morris as Isaiah, Isa Briones as Margot, Rachael Harris as Nora and Rob Huebel as Colin. Slappy the Dummy is also going to be in the show.

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Goosebumps Episode 5 Ending Explained

In the last episode of Goosebumps, we see that the parents have come together in the Harold Biddle mystery and something is definitely up. After, Lucas’ mother, Nora proclaims seeing Harold’s ghost, she is put in a mental institute. Sarah, Margot’s mother inquires if the others believe what Nora is saying is true. The answer is a shocking no, suggesting that if Nora cannot keep it together then the life the teen’s parents have built for themselves will fall apart.

While leaving the clinic, Sarah bumps into her husband, Colin, who is visiting Nora. When the duo go home, they finally get to talk where Colin confesses that he is sleeping with Nora. Colin makes it final that what he has with Sarah is over, although he will always love her.

Sarah’s next move is to head to Nora’s clinic again. She tells Nora that Colin has come clean to us and even if it is not fine now, it will be in the future. She gives Nora the tip that the latter isn’t crazy but, the clinic is making her feel that way. To get out, Nora needs to stop talking crazy as people around her don’t believe her but, Sarah does and they will protect their kids.

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On the other hand, we have the kids- Isabella, James, Lucas, Isaiah and Margot get their hands on a scrapbook through Mr. Bratt. Margot suggests that if she can touch the scrapbook pages and feel them, she will be able to get a vision of what might have actually happened to Harold. Although Isaiah is staunchly against this idea, there is no better way for Margot to revisit the past to know why what is happening in the present is happening.

In the theatre, Margot ends up visiting a situation in the past where she sees Harold with her mother, the former is seeking help but, the latter leaves. However, the scene gets tricky quickly as Harold says that he will not let Margot leave. He ends up taking her to the Biddle house. In the present too, the group goes to the Biddle House with an unconscious Margot to get her back to the present timeline.

In the past, Biddle has taken Margot to the Biddle House where we see a bunch of people messing with him on the night of his death. Soon enough, the lines are blurred and Margot finds herself trapped in the fire that killed Biddle in the past. However, her friends are able to rescue her out of the house. As they watch the fire burn the house out, they discover that the group of people messing with Biddle are none other than their parents. It seems like they were behind a case.

In the present when they return, they cannot believe how their parents could kill someone. Margot and Isaiah both believe that there is more to the story. They wonder what was in that case. This is when Mr. Bratt steps out of his house and invites the teens inside telling them that he knows all about the case in question.

You can watch the first five episodes of Goosebumps now on Hulu as well as Disney+ Hotstar. To read our review for the same, click here.

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