Green Ranger Origins, All Colors, & Last Battle

  • Power Rangers

    Created by:
    Haim Saban, Shuki Levy

    First TV Show:
    Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

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    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle


  • Tommy Oliver’s Power Rangers story is filled with iconic moments, including his origin as the Green Ranger and his eventual return to the franchise in Dino Thunder.
  • Despite the confusing timeline of the Power Rangers franchise, Tommy’s journey remains memorable and important throughout multiple shows.
  • Jason David Frank’s portrayal of Tommy will forever be unmatched, leaving behind a lasting legacy as one of the most iconic characters in Power Rangers history.



Tommy Oliver’s full Power Rangers story includes the iconic Green Ranger origin story, multiple Ranger colors, and some of the most important episodes in the franchise. Jason David Frank’s Tommy can be considered the most iconic character in the saga, having appeared in hundreds of episodes across multiple shows. Tommy’s journey goes way beyond the Green Ranger, and given how confusing Power Rangers’ chronological timeline is, it can be difficult to keep up with his story.

Jason David Frank sadly passed away on November 19, 2022. As Tommy, the actor builds an impressive legacy that will likely never be matched by any other Power Rangers character. It is important to notice that Power Rangers’ TV show canon does not include most of the events of the comics, meaning elements like Lord Drakkon are not necessarily canon to the original timeline. Still, from the Green Ranger to a legendary hero, Tommy’s story is full of incredible moments.

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Tommy Oliver’s Complete Story In The Zordon Era

Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver and Austin St. John as Jason Lee Scott in front of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Tommy Oliver Debuts In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ “Green With Evil”

Tommy Oliver first appeared in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1, episode 17, “Green With Evil Part I: Out Of Control.” While the show introduced Tommy as a good person who was about to become friends with the likes of Kimberly, Jason, and Zack, the character quickly turned evil after he was captured by Rita Repulsa. Tommy was given the corrupted Green Power Coin and became Rita Repulsa’s evil Green Ranger. Arguably the most formidable adversary the original Power Rangers ever faced, the Green Ranger managed to defeat the entire team by himself. Fortunately, Red Ranger Jason eventually beat Tommy, who finally broke free of Rita’s spell.

The Green Ranger First Loses His Powers in “The Green Candle”

Tommy argues with the Power Rangers in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers'

Having the Green Ranger, perhaps the strongest character in the series by that point, join the Power Rangers was too good to be true. Zordon’s team received a powerful ally, while the Rangers gained a new friend. However, Tommy’s Green Candle was still tied to Rita’s magic, meaning the Green Ranger’s powers were still too dangerous. The Green Ranger’s powers came with an expiration date, which was visually illustrated by the Green Candle. While the Rangers managed to extend Tommy’s time as the Green Ranger past the end of the magic candle, he eventually loses his powers for good in “The End of The Green Ranger.”

Tommy Becomes The Mighty Morphin White Ranger In “White Light”

Mighty Morphin White Ranger with Saba

Following the loss of his powers, Tommy felt like he did not belong with the Power Rangers. Fortunately, it did not take long before he rejoined the team as an even stronger Ranger. With Lord Zedd now calling the shots, the Rangers needed a sixth warrior. Zordon and Alpha began the process of creating a new Ranger, using the White Light to craft a warrior that would be stronger than the Green Ranger. While the Rangers were not aware of who the White Ranger was going to be, the choice was obvious. Tommy returned as the White Ranger and replaced Jason as the team’s leader.

Tommy Helps Find The Zeo Crystals And Becomes The Zeo Red Ranger

Tommy led the Power Rangers as the White Ranger until Mighty Morphin ended in season 3. It was time for a new Power Rangers Super Sentai adaptation, meaning the show would get new names, costumes, and villains. As such, a few Power Rangers changed colors during the Zeo transition. Tommy was now the Zeo Ranger V Red, which completed his journey from an outsider to a proper Red Ranger. Tommy’s role in the team remained the same, although leading the Power Rangers as the Red Ranger is arguably more special than doing it as the White Ranger. Tommy and Kimberly break up during Zeo, with Tommy then dating Kat.

Tommy Remains As The Red Ranger In Power Rangers Turbo

Tommy morphing in Power Rangers Turbo

The first half of Power Rangers Turbo did not change much from Zeo, with the Rangers simply getting new powers and Zords during the Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie ahead of the new show. However, the end of Turbo’s first half was a major turning point not only for Tommy Oliver but for the show as a whole. All of the original Mighty Morphin/Zeo Rangers left the team, with their respective actors exiting the show, including Jason David Frank’s Tommy. T.J. took on the mantle of Turbo Red Ranger, and what happened to Tommy after “Passing The Torch” would remain a mystery for years to come.

Tommy Oliver’s Complete Story After Zordon’s DeathA custom image featuring Samurai Yellow and Mighty Morphin Green combined with Tommy Oliver in Dino Thunder

Tommy Returns After 5 Years To Recruit Red Rangers In “Forever Red”

The Forever Red Power Rangers and Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver

Tommy appeared in a Power Rangers show for the first time since 1997’s Turbo in 2002’s Power Rangers Wild Force, namely for the “Forever Red” crossover episode. To celebrate the franchise’s 10th anniversary, Power Rangers brought together all Red Rangers up until that point, except Rocky. Naturally, Tommy had a significant role in the crossover event, even though he is more associated with Mighty Morphin Green or Mighty Morphin White than with Zeo Red. Regardless, seeing Tommy leading a legacy team of Red Rangers alongside In Space Andros is among the coolest, most emotional moments in Power Rangers history.

Dr. Oliver Begins To Teach At Reefside High In Dino Thunder

Two years after his cameo appearance in Wild Force, Jason David Frank would rejoin the franchise as a series regular for Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Even though Disney’s Power Rangers seasons all tried to be standalone with minimum ties to previous entries, Dino Thunder felt like a direct sequel to Mighty Morphin. Dr. Oliver was now a high school teacher, and three of his students ended up becoming his Dino Thunder Rangers. Tommy eventually becomes a Dino Thunder Ranger himself, adding Dino Thunder Black to his list of Ranger forms. While Tommy would still appear in other shows, Dino Thunder was Jason David Franks’s final full Power Rangers season.

Tommy Becomes The Green Ranger Again For The Legendary Battle

Power Rangers Megaforce's Legendary Battle Rangers unmasked

Almost 20 years after the Green Ranger’s final canonical appearance, ignoring dream sequences and flashbacks, Tommy’s most famous Power Rangers color returned in “The Legendary Battle.” Power Rangers’ 20th anniversary was celebrated during Super Megaforce, which included an episode in which dozens of Rangers from different times in history were brought by the Morphin Masters to help the new heroes save the day. Leading the legendary Rangers was Tommy Oliver, who had access to the Green Ranger powers for some reason. Not much was revealed about Tommy’s life between Dino Thunder and “The Legendary Battle,” though it was an exciting moment regardless.

Tommy Debuts His Master Morpher In Super Ninja Steel’s “Dimensions In Danger”

A custom image featuring Tommy Oliver in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel's Dimensions in Danger in front of Zeo Red and Mighty Morphin White

Super Ninja Steel’s “Dimensions in Danger” was Jason David Frank’s final Power Rangers episode. While it makes for a bittersweet rewatch following the actor’s death, “Dimensions in Danger” is a perfect tribute to Tommy’s Power Rangers history. While other legendary Rangers returned to help the Ninja Steel crew save the multiverse, the episode was mostly focused on Tommy. It introduced the Master Morpher, which allowed Tommy to use all of his previous Ranger forms at will. The episode also revealed that Tommy and Kat were married and had a son.

Tommy Is Kidnapped By Robot Rita In Power Rangers: Once & Always

The Green Ranger miniature in Power Rangers Once & Always and the original Green Ranger

While “Dimensions in Danger” is Jason David Frank’s final Power Rangers appearance, Tommy would technically return in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always. The Mighty Morphin reunion designed to celebrate Power Rangers’ 30th anniversary included the original Green Ranger, but the character never removes his helmet and is captured by Robot Rita right at the start. Some key information about Tommy was revealed in Once & Always, though. He and Kat were still married, and their son, J.J. Oliver, was training martial arts.

The End Of Tommy Oliver’s Power Rangers Story

Tommy morphing into Mighty Morphin Green and White in Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon

The fate of J.J. Oliver, as well as Tommy’s retirement from the superhero life, is covered in BOOM! Comics’ Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon, for which Jason David Frank served as a consultant. While most of the Power Rangers comics have taken place in an alternate timeline affected by the events of Shattered Grid, Soul of the Dragon was designed as a TV canon epilogue to Tommy’s story. Whether it can be considered absolutely canon is difficult to say, but it offers an emotional, nostalgic-filled story that sees Tommy in his final Power Rangers mission. After saving their son, Tommy and Kat retire definitively.


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