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Han River Police Episodes 3 and 4 Review/Recap: Cute Officers in Tense Situations


This Korean comedy-action series (한강) is written and directed by Kim Sang-cheol and stars Kwon Sang-woo, Kim Hee-won, Lee Sang-yi, Bae Da-bin, Shin Hyun-seung and Sung Dong-il in lead roles. The series has 6 episodes, and Han River Police episodes 3 and 4 have a runtime of around 50 minutes.

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Sang-woo was last seen as Bae Dong-je in Curtain Call; Hee-won was last seen as Won Jong-muk in Behind Your Touch and Choi Il-hwan in Moving; Sang-yi was in Bloodhounds as Hong Woo-jin; Da-bin was Hyun Mi-rae in It’s Beautiful Now; Hyun-seung was Go Eun-gyul in Behind Every Star and Lee Dong-rim in Adamas and Dong-il was Jung Sang-chul in Curtain Call.

Han River Police Plot

The series of the buddy cop genre explores the life and works of officers on patrol Seoul’s Han River who face different difficult situations together, ranging from terrorism to everyday accidents, which all require their expert and timely assistance. The series explores their tough job, the dynamics among the members and what it takes to be emergency responders.

– Han River Police Episode 3 and 4 Review Contains Major Spoilers –

Han River Police Episodes 3 and 4 Recap

Han River Police Episode 3 Recap

Han River Police Episodes 3 and 4
Still From Han River Police Episode 3

Han River Police episode 3 starts with the three policemen checking out Baek-chul’s raft attached to Man-dae’s cruise ship. Baek-chul doesn’t let them open the boxes, but Du-jin insists on it, which results in Gi-seok attacking Du-jin with a hammer. He breaks one of the containers from where lobsters fall out, and then the equipment malfunctions, resulting in Du-jin falling overboard. Flashback showcases some of the issues between him and Baek-chul, and when he comes to, he rushes after him, much to his colleagues’ shock.

As he rushes after them, Baek-chul and his team rush out of the yard on their bikes with the gold to deliver it. The three of them rush out on the remaining bikes in hopes of catching the others red-handed while Gi-seok and his team go inside a building wherein Baek-chul and his team are ambushed. Unfortunately for Gi-seok, before they are able to murder Baek-chul, they realise that he has hidden one box away for this exact reason. After many threats, Baek-chul agrees to retrieve the box alone, and Gi-seok reminds him that he still remembers his nephew – to add another layer of stress.

Han River Police Episodes 3 and 4
Still From Han River Police Episode 3

Later on, the police search through a fishing boat to find illegal substances and threaten the captain to tell him the truth. Although he doesn’t agree at first, he finally gives away that he docked at Palmi Island. As they discuss what could be happening in the background, they learn that the cruise ship’s captain has died and rush out. Meanwhile, Du-jin breaks into Baek-chul’s place to search for evidence and realises that Kyungin changed their name, and it has something to do with Palmi Island. However, before they can think any further, someone comes in, and it turns out to be Na-hee. Meanwhile, Gi-seok sells a juicy piece of information to the press.

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On the other hand, Du-jin and his team get tasked with helping the detectives with the ship captain’s death. Although Du-jin doesn’t like it, he chooses to go with the detective to help with the investigation when he goes to the cruise ship company. They both ask Gi-seok some questions but are unable to get anything out of him. However, just when they are about to leave, Du-jin spots one of Gi-seok’s men and goes after him.

Han River Police Episode 4 Recap

Han River Police Episodes 3 and 4
Still From Han River Police Episode 3

Du-jin follows Hitter inside the office but loses him in the row of offices. Outside, he meets Jung-chan, who is taken aback when he learns that Du-jin knows about Palmi Island. Inside, Gi-seok is left fuming at Hitter and asks him to leave. As Du-jin and Na-hee decide to help Jung-chan in the investigation, Man-dae asks for an MOU from the mayor in lieu of getting more investors who agrees to it, but only if he doesn’t make another mistake afterwards.

Du-jin and the group go to meet the fish-packing factory and find a guy who tells them that although he doesn’t know anything, he saw red smoke coming from Palmi Island. Elsewhere, Man-dae tries to trade a ton of gold bars which the woman he is meeting is clearly uncomfortable with at first. However, she eventually agrees but warns him that if he brings anything less, he won’t be able to trade with them again.

Out on patroling, Du-jin and Ji-soo go down into the water to search for the missing box and are able to locate it quickly. After sending it up, they are ambushed by someone else who takes the box from them. Thankfully, Du-jin put a tracker on the box, which turns out to be in Baek-chul’s hand. Du-jin rushes in on them loading the box in the car, and a chase sequence ensues with the two cars rushing down the road. In the end, they are unable to get a hold of them, and Baek-chul makes away with the box.

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Han River Police Episodes 3 and 4
Still From Han River Police Episode 4

Du-jin and the team get chewed out by Captain Do, who tells them that the fishing village chief jumped into the water while they were chasing out the car. Elsewhere, Man-dae slaps Gi-seok around for losing the gold and tells him to get it back in any way possible and get rid of Baek-chul’s team. Meanwhile, Jung-chan makes a visit to Man-dae, and the two of them get into a fight while Gi-seok sleeps with his shaman and gets validation.

Later that night, Du-jin and Cheon-seok meet Dong-sik, who seems to be in good health despite what Captain Do said. Unfortunately, they get into another fight as they try to visit Du-jin’s nephew, who is nowhere to be seen. Thankfully, Jun is safe, much to Du-jin’s relief. After dropping them off at home, Du-jin realises that Eun-suk left her bag in the car and goes back to give it to them. Meanwhile, as Eun-suk goes inside the house, Hitter comes out from behind the shadows, where he is waiting for the two of them to return.

Han River Police Episode 4 Review

Han River Police Episodes 3 and 4
Still From Han River Police Episode 3

Han River Police episode 4 ends on an uncertain note, leaving viewers fearful of Jun and Eun-suk’s fate after they go inside their house. The episode is more thrilling than the third one and will leave you a bit afraid of what will happen to these helpless people. Lee Sang-yi is as excellent as Gi-seok and plays his part so well. You hate him but also pity him because it feels like he’s a kid who bullies others while also being constantly bullied and looking for validation.

I think the characters are really likeable as well. Most make sane decisions and aren’t horrible people. Although we know exactly what’s about to happen in the last two upcoming episodes, I’d say I am still interested to know how things work out for everyone, although, at this point, it’s quite easily understood.

Han River Police is streaming on Disney+ and Hulu.

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