Has Trans Star Nikki Exotica Changed The Way She Dresses For Justin?


  • Justin wants his trans partner Nikki to dress more conservatively when meeting his family, but Nikki refuses to compromise her unique style.
  • Nikki is determined to stay true to her “Million Dollar Barbie” alter ego and refuses to give up her distinctive fashion choices.
  • Despite Justin’s criticism, Nikki remains confident in her own style and questions whether Justin truly loves her for who she is.



90 Day Fiancé star Justin, AKA Igor, doesn’t like the way his trans partner Nicole Sanders, AKA Nikki Exotika, dresses, and he’s constantly asking her to dress modestly. Nikki is a 47-year-old hairstylist, make-up expert, and plastic surgery consultant from Hoboken, New Jersey. Nikki also has an alter ego who is a singer and entertainer with a diva personality. Personal trainer Justin from Chişinău, Moldova, stars alongside Nikki in season 10. They have known each other for over 17 years, which is also when they first got engaged. Trans Nikki was living in stealth back then. She never told Justin that she had once been a man.

Justin had already moved to the U.S. on a K-1 visa when Nikki told him she was a trans woman. He returned to his country, shocked and depressed. Nikki and Justin reconnected 15 years later and decided to get married again. This time, Justin had to tell his family and friends about Nikki’s gender. He claimed his parents were aware of Nikki being trans, but Justin also had qualms about the way Nikki looked. Nikki went to Moldova to see Justin on the reality TV show. He also wanted her to meet his parents. However, Justin had a small request from his wife-to-be before he took her home to his mother.

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Justin Wanted Nikki To Dress Conservatively For His Mom

90 Day Fiance's Nikki and Justin posing for romantic sunset photo

Nikki and Justin went to a bazaar in episode 7 to shop for clothes. Justin wanted Nikki to wear “some more simple clothes” because they were going to visit his family the next day. Justin insisted it was “only” for this particular meeting. While Justin’s parents accepted Nikki for being a trans woman, Justin didn’t know how they would feel after seeing her in person. Nikki expected the fashion at the shops to be basic and boring. Justin explained that the women in his country wore simple clothes and didn’t wear much makeup. “But, Nikki, it’s a different story,” he added. He wanted Nikki to hide her “cartoon figure.

Nikki Agreed To Compromise On Her Style For Justin

90 Day Fiancé Season 10's Nikki and Justin on a trip smiling during vacation with pink background

Nikki mocked the traditional clothes at the store. She said they weren’t her style. She kept saying “no” to anything Justin suggested. Nikki joked that Justin would be happy with her if she wore a straight jacket. However, she realized Justin felt uncomfortable with her outfit choices and admitted she should compromise her style “a little bit.” Nikki chose a pink blazer and pink trousers combo but Justin asked her to wear a less revealing top. She said Justin was giving her anxiety about how to dress, even if she understood and respected his wishes.

Nikki concluded that if Justin’s family were going to judge her for the way she dressed, she and Justin were maybe not meant to be. Nikki wore a flowy dress with polka dots and accessorized her look with multiple layers of necklaces to meet Justin’s parents. They argued about her constant need for sex while they were on their way to his house in his car. “You need a simple woman, I am not her,” said Nikki, who declared she would never be “simple.” Justin mocked her by calling her a robot.

Nikki Won’t Get Rid Of Her “Million Dollar Barbie” Personality

Nikki wanted to know why Justin was with her when he had so many complaints about everything. She cried during the confessional as she asked the cameras, “But is he in love with me?” However, Nikki didn’t let Justin’s constant criticism about her clothes get to her. Nikki is still dressing up like her “Million Dollar Barbie” alter ego on social media. Nikki would never be able to get rid of her Barbie pink and neon outfits that give her the distinct look she’s known for.

Not dressing up like Nikki Exotika would mean Nikki saying goodbye to who she is. While she does dress down in hoodies and sweatshirts on certain occasions, 90 Day Fiancé star Nikki loves to doll up when she is on the red carpet or partying. Nikki has proved how stubborn she is, and dressing “simple” seems to be a one-time compromise she made when she went to meet Justin’s family.

90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

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