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How AI Is Helping to Recruit the Next Baseball MVP

Major League Baseball is stepping into a new era of talent scouting, thanks to advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics. Traditionally, baseball scouts have relied on their expertise and intuition, spending countless hours observing players to identify potential stars. However, this approach lacked a strong scientific foundation. Today, AI is changing the game by bringing a more factual and data-driven approach to identifying the next baseball MVP.

Revolutionizing Scouting with AI

The partnership between MLB and Uplift Labs, a biomechanics company, exemplifies this shift. Uplift Labs has developed tools that can analyze players’ movements, predict their potential, and even identify injury risks. This technology was introduced just in time for this year’s MLB draft, marking a significant transformation in how baseball talents are discovered and nurtured.

This combination of human insight and AI precision—human knowledge of the game is still a valuable asset—marks a new chapter in the development of baseball talent, striking a balance between professional acumen and the cutting edge of AI.

The Science of Motion Capture

One of the groundbreaking aspects of these AI tools is their ability to make motion capture more accessible. Traditional motion capture requires a complete set of cameras, but newer software can function by capturing movements using just iPhones. This allows for analyzing players in natural environments, revealing hidden movement patterns that might indicate future success or injury risks.

Training and Injury Prevention

Beyond scouting, AI and motion capture technology are invaluable in training young players. By analyzing how they run, swing, and throw, coaches can tailor training to each player’s needs. More importantly, these tools can predict potential injuries by comparing a player’s movements with historical data. Uplift founder Sukemasa Kabayama told the Wall Street Journal, “We also have this new kind of very early injury warning detection…if you have too much of an arm flare, there may be potential overload on the elbow, which can unfortunately lead to Tommy John surgery.” Furthermore, as InclusionCloud notes, ‘tech innovators are tirelessly shaping a future where every swing, pitch, and cheer is amplified by technology’s touch.’ This insight reflects the holistic impact of technology in enhancing player performance and safety, revolutionizing not just the game itself but also the training and care of athletes.

MLB’s Adoption of AI

MLB’s adoption of AI extends beyond partnerships with companies like Uplift Labs. The league has embraced technologies such as Statcast, a high-speed, high-accuracy automated tool developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that captures data on players’ movements and abilities. Statcast provides detailed metrics on every play, giving teams a wealth of data to analyze player performance.

AI’s Broader Impact in Sports

The use of AI in baseball is part of a larger trend in sports. As noted in an article on Nasdaq, various sports leagues are adopting AI for various purposes, from performance analysis to fan engagement strategies. AI’s role in sports is becoming more integral, offering insights that were previously unattainable.

The Future of Baseball Scouting

With AI, the future of baseball scouting looks promising. We’re entering a new phase where scouting is not just about observing and guessing but about analyzing and predicting. As technology continues to evolve, it will likely become even more integral in identifying and developing the next generation of baseball stars.


We need to think of the adaptation of AI in MLB as the game-changer that it truly is. Gone are the days when scouting for the next big star relied purely on human intuition and down right luck at times. Now, with AI in the mix, we’re looking at a whole new game. It’s similar to having a highly intelligent helper who not only recognizes talent but also assists in polishing it to near perfection. From fine-tuning a player’s swing to catching early signs of injury, AI is the new MVP in the dugout. This isn’t just a step forward for baseball; it’s a home run, showing us how smart tech can reshape the future of sports both on and off the field. 


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