How Each Power Book Is Connected


  • The original show Power spawned three spinoffs, and all four shows are connected.
  • Power can be watched as a standalone series, but watching the entire franchise in order of release or chronologically adds a lot to the experience.
  • Each spinoff explores beloved characters and/or their legacies, providing new narratives within the Power universe.



The popular show Power, debuting in 2014, has spawned three spinoffs, a testament to its undeniable impact, and all four shows are connected. While each Power show can be watched as a standalone, their connections are added to the already rich storylines and characters. Despite the departure of the original creator, Courtney A. Kemp, her influence endures through the franchise, with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson also maintaining an executive producer role. This expansion into multiple series is a common trajectory for successful shows, and it exemplifies the popularity of the Power TV shows.

The original Power, a crime drama set in the gritty backdrop of New York, ran for six seasons before its conclusion. The success of the original series led to three spinoffs, Power Book II: Ghost,Power Book III: Raising Kanan, and Power Book IV: Force, each revisiting beloved characters or exploring their legacies. However, the web of interconnected narratives across these spinoffs, which includes both sequels and prequels, might pose a challenge for those who want to start watching the franchise. The Power shows can be watched in order of release or chronologically, and each entry adds a lot to the saga.

4 Power

Serves as a major introduction to the Power universe.

Airing from 2014 to 2020, the original series Power serves as the foundation for an expansive universe of interconnected shows. Positioned chronologically after Power Book III: Raising Kanan, Power introduces viewers to James “Ghost” St. Patrick, portrayed by Omari Hardwick. Ghost, a prosperous entrepreneur, owns the upscale nightclub Truth but is entangled in a covert role as a cocaine distributor to New York’s elite. Despite his success in the criminal underworld, Ghost aspires to transition to an honest lifestyle. The narrative explores Ghost’s struggle between his illicit dealings and his desire for a lawful existence, with the looming realities of imprisonment or death as the only apparent exit.

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Throughout its run, Power gained substantial viewership, with season 5 reaching 1.47 million viewers, marking the largest on-air debut for a premium cable show that summer. Season 6 continued this success, becoming the second most-watched cable drama of the year, trailing only behind Game of Thrones (via Deadline). Notably, the series didn’t initially receive critical acclaim in its debut season, but its popularity surged as it unfolded. While it’s not necessary to start with Power in order to enjoy the spinoffs, all the protagonists that stem from them are introduced in this installment, with Ghost being the connection between the characters.

3 Power Book II: Ghost

Tariq and Crew in Power Book II: Ghost

Power Book II: Ghost serves as a direct sequel to the original series, centering its narrative around Tariq St. Patrick, portrayed by Michael Rainey Jr., who is the son of the iconic character Ghost. The series starts immediately after the conclusion of Power, as Tariq deals with the challenges of college life, financial constraints, and the shadow of his family’s criminal legacy. Despite not being the most anticipated character to take the lead in the universe, given his evolution into one of the main antagonists in Power, Tariq finds himself entangled in drug dealing, a path he ventured into during the later seasons of the original series.

Premiering in 2021, Power Book II: Ghost marks the beginning of the expanded universe. Tariq, navigating the difficult waters of both academia and the criminal underworld, forms alliances with the Tejada crime family while striving to sustain himself at university without the financial support of his father, Ghost. The series draws parallels to the narrative arc of Power Book III: Raising Kanan, providing a contemporary portrayal of Tariq following in Ghost’s footsteps as a kingpin, similar to the exploration of Kanan’s criminal journey in Raising Kanan.

2 Power Book III: Raising Kanan

A prequel to the entire Power series, showcasing how Kanan came to be.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan stands as an autonomous prequel within the Power franchise, offering an insightful exploration into the formative years of Kanan Stark, portrayed by 50 Cent in the original series. Set in 1991, the narrative unfolds as a coming-of-age story for Kanan at the age of fifteen, under the guidance of his mother, Raquel, portrayed by Patina Miller. Raquel is deeply involved in the cocaine trade, navigating a network of distributors in New York. Since this installment is a prequel, chronological adherence is not essential, but it is recommended to view it after the original Power series to increase familiarity with the characters’ backstories.

Kanan, initially introduced as Ghost’s mentor in Power, went to prison due to the betrayal orchestrated by Ghost and his wife Tasha. The prequel delves into Kanan’s roots as a drug dealer, as well as presenting a more positive side to his character since he is the protagonist. However, to grasp the full spectrum of Kanan’s evolution, watching Power first provides a more comprehensive understanding, as it showcases him alongside Ghost and Tommy at the pinnacle of their roles as established drug dealers.

1 Power Book IV: Force

In this spinoff, Tommy is the main character.

Power Book IV: Force focuses on Ghost’s right-hand man, Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora). As one of the most important characters in Power and a minor one in Ghost, Tommy is the bravest character in Power Book IV: Force. This is also a sequel, and as Tommy is a big character in Power, the original series should be watched before watching Force. However, starting with Force is essential, as well, due to important information and backstory found that directly provides information about the series and characters. Changing locations for the first time in this franchise, Tommy leaves New York and decides to move to California, but ends up making a quick stop in Chicago.

While there, he discovers things about his family, as well as who runs the drug underworld, and decides to stay. As of late, this was the latest spin-off series to premiere. Power Book IV: Force is the most action-intense sequel of the franchise so far. The turf wars with the established criminal groups in Chicago make his life much harder than in New York. There are a few crossovers between Ghost and Power, mentioning events in New York, but the mentions are minimal. Force remains independent of both the primary show and the first sequel, making it a show that can be enjoyed on its own.

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