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How Many Siblings Did She Have? Family Details

Explore the intriguing connections with Glynis, Johns sister. Uncover fascinating details related to her siblings.

Glynis Johns was a Welsh actress who became prominent in Hollywood and Broadway.

Renowned for her role as Mrs. Banks in the 1964 film “Mary Poppins” and winning a Tony for “A Little Night Music” in 1973, Johns also introduced the world to the bittersweet song “Send in the Clowns.”

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Glynis Johns Sister Name: How Many Siblings Did She Have?

No widely known or documented evidence of Glynis Johns having a sister exists. The details about her immediate family primarily highlight her parents, Mervyn Johns and Alice Maude Steele, and her own family, including her husbands and son.

It seems like she did not have any siblings. The available records and biographical information about John consistently highlight her as the only child of her parents.

Glynis Johns appears to be Mervyn Johns’ only child. (Image Source: ABC News)

Despite being born away from her parents’ Welsh homeland during their tour of Africa, Glynis Johns exhibited a passion for the performing arts from a young age.

Throughout her career, Glynis gained acclaim for her performances on both stage and screen.

Glynis Johns Parents: Mervyn Johns And Alice Maude Steele

The famous British actress Glynis Johns was raised in an entertainment-industry-heavy household. Her parents greatly influenced her early exposure to the performing arts, Alice Maude Steele and Mervyn Johns.

Mervyn Johns was a well-known Welsh actor who rose to fame in British film, especially during World War II and became a star at Ealing Studios.

His decades-long career left an enduring impression on British cinema, and his services to the entertainment sector earned him respect.

Glynis Johns Sister
Glynis Johns’ upbringing was immersed in entertainment, influenced by talented parents. (Image Source: TCM)

Alice Maude Steele, Alyce Wareham, was an Australian-born concert pianist with a rich musical background. She studied in London and Vienna, showcasing her dedication to her craft.

Alyce hailed from a family of accomplished performing artists, including singers and musicians, who toured Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa with their musical programs.

Notably, her mother, Elizabeth Steele-Payne, stood out as one of the first accomplished women violinists of her time.

The rich artistic heritage of both Mervyn and Alice undoubtedly laid the foundation for Glynis Johns illustrious career in the performing arts.

Glynis Johns Family Details: Husband And Kids

Glynis Johns, the illustrious British actress, had a family life marked by multiple marriages and one son. Her first husband was Anthony Forwood, whom she met while rehearsing for “Quiet Wedding” in 1941.

The couple married in 1942 and welcomed their only child, Gareth Forwood, in 1945.

Unfortunately, the marriage faced challenges, leading to a divorce in 1948, attributed to reasons such as “adultery.”

Glynis Johns Sister
In 1946, Glynis Johns and Anthony Forwood were pictured with their son, Gareth Forwood. (Image Source: The Sun)

Her second marriage was to Antony Darnborough after her divorce from Anthony Forwood. This relationship did not culminate in marriage, as the proposed wedding at Sunningdale Golf Club in Berkshire was ultimately called off.

In 1952, Glynis Johns married David Foster, a Royal Navy officer and businessman, in Manhattan, New York. However, their union also faced challenges, resulting in divorce in 1956.

Cecil Henderson became Johns third husband in 1960. Henderson, a businessman, and Johns parted ways only two years later after he claimed she had an affair.

Her fourth and final husband was Elliott Arnold; they tied the knot in 1964 in Los Angeles but divorced in 1973, marking the end of Glynis Johns marital journey.

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