How Old Are The Sister Wives?


  • Sister Wives season 18 focuses on Kody’s tension with his wives and exes. Some of his relationships are in tatters.
  • Janelle wants the Coyote Pass property divided fairly and doesn’t seem to trust Kody.
  • Offscreen, Meri’s talking about how sad the downfall of the Brown family is.
  • Offscreen, Christine’s happily married and living her best life.
  • The other women couldn’t compete with Robyn, who really is Kody’s dream woman.



Sister Wives season 18’s in full swing, Kody Brown’s losing almost all of his wives, and it’s time to talk about how old the wives are now. During this installment, many of them may have felt like they were aging rapidly due to the endless tension with Kody. Robyn and Kody are more or less okay, but his relationships with Meri, Janelle and Christine Brown are basically in tatters.

Sister Wives season 18’s Janelle wants the Brown family’s Coyote Pass property appraised. Kody’s trying to divide up that iconic patch of land, and Janelle doesn’t think that he’s doing it fairly. Sometimes, Kody and Robyn seem to end up with more of everything, so her concerns may be justified. Offscreen, Meri’s talking about how upsetting the family’s downfall has been. Christine’s newly married to David Woolley, and she’s really leaving the past behind her.

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Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Is 52 Years Old

Meri Brown Was Born On January 16, 1971

Meri’s a Capricorn. Born under an Earth sign, Meri’s practical, set in her ways, and very traditional. Meri was Kody’s first wife. She once had the “first wife” status that’s so coveted among women in plural marriages. However, she had to give up that title for Robyn – that must have been tough. Meri was kind enough to agree to legally divorce Kody. He wanted to legally marry Robyn in order to adopt her kids. However, that may not have been the only reason why. He probably just wanted to be her legal husband because he loved her more than his other wives.

It was gracious of Meri to divorce him. Meri may appear weak sometimes, as she’s sometimes unwilling to fight for what she really wants, but she did do that for Kody. He reciprocated by failing to forgive Meri for a catfishing scandal that left her feeling embarrassed and alone. Sure, she made a mistake, but she was there for Kody when he really needed her. When he wanted a divorce, she said yes. It’s interesting that Kody’s a Capricorn too – maybe there was too much of that Sun Sign’s energy in Kody and Janelle’s relationship.

In many ways, Meri’s gotten the worst treatment from Kody and deserved it the least. Aside from the catfishing debacle, she hasn’t really done anything much to offend him. The fact that he wouldn’t forgive her for that said a lot about him. He moved on emotionally long ago, and now that Meri’s left Kody offscreen, she can live for herself. She can stop trying to fix something that’s beyond repair. Meri cut her losses and that was the smartest thing that she could ever do.

While Capricorns thrive on routine, reality TV show star Meri needs to get used to a different lifestyle. Since she is born under a stubborn sign that wants life to stay the same, she may find the process of changing a bit uncomfortable. However, Capricorns are very ambitious, so she’ll probably use her platform as a single woman to build a stronger career. Meri’s got a BnB, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, and her Lularoe fashion venture.

Capricorns need stability, and Kody never gave Meri a sense of safety in their relationship.

Sister Wives Celeb Janelle Brown Is Currently 54 Years Old

Janelle Was Born On May 6, 1969

Janelle’s a Taurus, and this Sun Sign’s the most stubborn of all. When a Taurus makes up their mind about something, they’re very unlikely to ever change it! This can be a bad thing. This sign isn’t the most flexible, and they don’t just dislike change – they actively resist it. Janelle hung in there with Kody for ages, but in season 18, her exit is beginning. It took forever, but she finally reached her limit. A Taurus will try to stay in a relationship, even when doing that hurts them. There is a gallant, romantic quality to this sign. However, like any other sign, they’re better off out of troubled romances.

That doesn’t mean that Janelle will forget Kody just because they’ve said goodbye as romantic partners. Far from it. The Taurus will remember. Janelle has said that she loves Kody – she didn’t leave because she doesn’t love him. In many ways, it will be Janelle who hurts the most as she adjusts to life without him, even though she swore at him onscreen in season 18.

All Janelle wanted from Kody was love, attention, romance…the basics, really. Those he could not provide. So, she’s probably very wounded by how things played out. Like Meri, though, she undoubtedly made the right decision. Offscreen, Janelle’s done with Kody too.

Christine Brown’s Currently 51 Years Old

Christine Was Born On April 18, 1972

Fiery Aries Christine is loving offscreen life. She’s got a new husband, and Christine’s finally living the life of her dreams. When she was with Kody, nothing was ever quite right. Christine doesn’t belong in a polygamous relationship – it’s just not right for her. She needs a partner who’s devoted to her alone.

Now, she has that, and who deserves it more? Actually, all of Kody’s exes or almost-exes deserve that. They entered a plural marriage when they were young. They didn’t know what they were getting into. They were steeped in a Mormon sect’s beliefs, and those values didn’t always put women first. In fact, women were mostly overlooked. It was all about the patriarchs. Kody’s also been hurt by polygamy, but he had more power within the family. He had more agency over his life.

Now, Christine’s in control. It’s great to see her making choices that are all about her, David, and her children. Kody’s pretty much out of the equation.

Robyn Brown’s Currently 45 Years Old

Robyn Was Born On October 9, 1978

Robyn’s a Libra with the Moon in Capricorn. Since her Moon sign matches Kody’s Sun sign, he’s totally in love. When that happens in astrology, it can be an indicator of a very strong relationship. That all fits because Kody is one hundred percent into Robyn, even after spending years with her.

She’s the youngest wife, and looks a lot different from the others. However, those two things may not be what binds him to her. It’s her personality. She’s ultra-feminine and gentle. Yes, she can be passive-aggressive, but with Kody, she’s quite soft and sweet. That’s clearly what the Sister Wives season 18 star wants from a woman. Robyn fits his ideal and that’s why they’re still together. That’s why the other wives can’t take it anymore. No one can compete with Robyn, and the best thing the other women can do is worry about their own lives.

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    Sister Wives follows the brown family, which observes polygamist practices. Headed by Kody Brown as the father, he and his four wives and their 18 children have moved across the United States, from Utah to Nevada and Arizona. Kody and his wives have secret marriages, as polygamy is illegal. Still, the show follows the family as it covers the trials and tribulations of four wives that split their familial duties of themselves amongst one husband and eighteen children. The children themselves are a significant focus of Sister Wives, as it also focuses on the challenges the children face due to their home life.Sister Wives attempts to dispel negative stereotypes around polygamy, as it aired around 2010 when the general public commonly discussed the topic in the United States. The four Brown wives agreed to participate in the show to accomplish this goal, and TLC continues to chronicle the family’s life over a decade later.


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