How To Add Workbenches To Ships In Starfield


The depth of customization available for your ship in Starfield allows you to add Workbenches and other Crafting Stations to your vessel to make or improve items wherever you go. These areas can only be included by picking specific module parts when building your ship. The delicate balance between the moving sections of your star-soaring craft can make this process tricky but possible.



The best ships in Starfield may have all the Workbenches you will need to be integrated into their design already, with the largest ships capable of holding the most structures. There are three major types of Workbenches that you might want on your ship when using pre-built or customized vessels. A Spacesuit Workbench, Industrial Workbench, and Weapon Workbench cover everything you need to make or modify from your ship.

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How To Install Workbenches on a Ship In Starfield

Starfield Ship Interior with Multiple Workbenches Put Down from Habitat Modules Used in Customization

Workbenches are not added individually to ships but are part of specific Habitat Modules that have them built into their construction. When adjusting your ship through a Ship Technician, you won’t be able to see which Workbenches are included with different parts. This makes it difficult to determine which Modules to purchase, especially considering how each section could affect your ship’s performance in Starfield.

One of the best places to get useful Habitat Modules with Workbenches is from the Ship Technician in Akila City, a civilization located on the planet Akila in the Cheyenne system.

A Workshop Habitat is the only part that includes every type of Workbench, with the section itself always being a 2×1 piece that makes it easy to put onto almost any ship. This can be a considerable difference from Modules with Crafting Stations, which only have two types of areas available at most. According to Dotesports, the five best parts that add Workbenches via the right Habitat Module include:

  • Taiyo Workshop 2×1
  • Nova Galactic Workshop 2×1
  • Stroud Workshop 2×1
  • Nova Galactic Workshop 2×1
  • Deimos Workshop 2×1

Make sure to check your ship’s Hull space to see if any of these parts will actually function inside the overall design. If you want to improve your weapons or craft the best armor sets in Starfield through Workbenches on a ship, you may also want to include a Research Station. Science Lab or Infirmary parts will give your ship a Pharmaceutical Lab and Research Lab in addition to your other crafting areas.

Players that add Workbenches to their ship in Starfield never have to find a place to modify their items in major cities or settlements and can simply use the comfort of their home among the stars to make what they wish.

Source: Dotesports/Pierce Bunch

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