How to Beat Smithy (Final Boss)

Once players approach the end of Super Mario RPG Remake, they will encounter the familiar final boss, Smithy. Smithy was the final boss in the original Super Mario RPG, so there’s no surprise here and his fight is about as straightforward as it was in the original game. There will be two phases to this final boss fight, with the latter being slightly more difficult.



Though Smithy is the final boss and not an easy boss by any means, he’s technically not the hardest boss to beat in the game, as that spot is reserved for the Super Mario RPG Remake hidden boss, Culex, who has an original difficult boss fight and even harder rematch post-game. By comparison, Smithy’s fight is simple as long as players prepare and stick to their strategy.

The Best Party For Final Boss Smithy

Mario, Peach, and Geno

Peach's triple move spare us in Super Mario RPG Remake-1

Pairing Mario with Peach and Geno will become pretty standard when facing more difficult bosses, as this matchup becomes incomparable to some of the others. Since many of the more difficult fights include taking significant damage, Peach’s ability to heal everyone is a necessity, making her an irreplaceable character in Super Mario RPG Remake.

Especially in the case of Smithy, who has several attacks that will deal damage to the entire party. As for the other member, Geno is undeniably one of the most powerful party members in the game, making him an obvious choice for nearly every boss encounter.






Lazy Shell Weapon

Hero Shirt

Safety Ring


Frying Pan

Royal Dress

Safety Ring


Star Gun

Star Cape

Defense Scarf

Taking damage is going to be the biggest problem here. That is why it is essential to equip everyone with some form of defensive item as well as ensure Peach is part of the party. Additionally, have a stock of Syrups on hand (Maple and Royal) to restore Flower Points so Peach can heal continuously.

How To Defeat Smithy

Phase One & Phase Two

Smithy is a pretty straightforward boss fight that will not differ too much from the one encountered at the end of the original Super Mario RPG. Mario’s role in this fight will be to deal damage, Peach’s will be to heal, and Geno will primarily be responsible for buffing his teammates, especially in this first phase.

Try to use physical moves with Mario as much as possible to ensure that Flower Points are not draining too quickly, as this will make it harder for Peach to heal. The main annoyance of phase one will be Syphers, but if possible, try to prioritize getting through this first phase quickly by targeting Smithy.

If the Syphers cause too much of an issue, smash the Smelter and then return focus to Smithy. However, as long as Smithy is defeated quickly enough in this initial phase by utilizing the team appropriately, that shouldn’t be necessary.

Heading into the second phase is where the true Super Mario RPG Remake boss fight begins. Smithy will be significantly more difficult in this phase and now have several heads that the party must defeat, each with their own HP bar. They’ll change randomly and should take priority over the body.

Though this is going to take a lot longer than the first phase, most of the strategy is the same. Players should focus on using Super Mario RPG Remake‘s Geno to boost while Peach heals and Mario deals damage. Smithy has no specific weakness, so anything goes in this fight, and the Lazy Shell Weapon becomes invaluable here.

Do not focus on the body first. It will respawn, so worry about the heads as they are the bigger threat and won’t respawn once defeated. The only benefit defeating the body provides is limiting Smithy’s moveset for a few turns, but it is not worth it.

Unfortunately, one of Smithy’s heads, the tank, has a special Magnum move that is an instant death for whoever it hits. For this reason, be sure to have Pick Me Ups in case Peach ends up taking that hit. Smithy’s other heads are slightly less lethal. The Wizard head will deal damage to the entire party, but with Peach, this should only prove to be a minor annoyance.

The casket head, on the other hand, has the Shredder move, which players may know from other fights is a move that erases all status effects from the party, meaning Geno will need to keep reapplying. The Treasure Chest head is the least significant but still must be defeated.

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After all four heads have been defeated, the fight will end and Smithy will be defeated. This fight, though frustrating and long, is not extremely difficult in a technical sense. So just be patient and stick to the strategy and this final boss fight will be over in no time. Following Mario’s success, Smithy will provide the final Star Piece, marking the completion of Super Mario RPG Remake.

At this point, players may return to the world for some hidden surprises, including a 3D Culex, and more difficult boss fights with additional phases that will allow Mario to test all the skills he’s developed thus far.

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