How To Get a Swimsuit In Starfield


A Swimsuit is one of the rarest outfits you can get in Starfield, not sold by any vendors and only found on a specific planet in a vast galaxy of stars. Those who feel like their character deserves a comfortable look while resting in the heat of a system’s sun(s) might have to throw out their morals for a moment. This simple but effective uniform also has some minor benefits that could help your character.



Do not expect to find a Swimsuit easily since no vendor in Starfield sells the outfit, making it impossible to find through normal shops. Many space suits and other attire can usually be found at these locations, but not even the Commercial District of New Atlantis will have what you’re looking for. It is not too shocking considering the very limited uses for this item, but it is disappointing nonetheless.

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How To Find The Swimsuit in Starfield

Starfield Swimsuit Outfit that you Find at Paradiso Resort to Steal

The only Swimsuit you can collect comes from the Paradiso Resort on Porrima II, a planet in the appropriately named Porrima System. This planet lies reasonably far from Starfield’s central hub systems, so you may have to improve your ship’s Grav drive or fuel capacity to reach it. Some of the best ships in Starfield, such as the Razorcrest from the Mantis series of quests, should have little trouble traveling to this distant world.

Once you arrive at Porrima II, travel to the Resort and go through the main entrance to the beach underneath the massive arch above the area. Many sections of the beach have small white buildings scattered around the place; look for one that doesn’t have anyone inside. One of the lockers in these spaces should have a Swimsuit you must steal to get Starfield’s most impractical piece of clothing.

The Swimsuit has no resistance to any damage types, ironically not even to Thermal harm like you may expect. While the outfit makes your character spend less O2 on running, jumping, or other physical actions, this does little to help you in dangerous situations. The look of the Swimsuit changes depending on your character and can be given to any of your companions in Starfield to wear as well.

Even if you get caught while trying to get a Swimsuit from Paradiso Resort, it doesn’t cost many Credits to make someone ignore the minor theft in Starfield because only a monster would deny you a chance to relax comfortably on a beach.

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