How To Get Divorced In Starfield


You can get divorced in Starfield if your romantic partner of choice is not meeting your expectations. Starfield is Bethesda’s new open-world RPG set in space. Its main gameplay structure is somewhat similar to other popular titles developed by the company, like Skyrim and Fallout 4. This comes accompanied by deep character development for ally NPCs, some of which can be swept off their feet.



There are a few romance options in Starfield to choose from, and one may be tempted to pursue some of them rather than stick with a single partner. This, however, means that they will need to get divorced and permanently end the romance with their current partner, as the relationships in the game are monogamous. There are also consequences of getting divorced in Starfield, but they can largely be ignored given the expansive nature of the game and the options presented both in terms of Spouse and Companions.

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How To End Marriage (Get Divorced) In Starfield

Starfield companions, Sam, Sarah and Barrett

To end your relationship and get divorced, you must first marry in Starfield. After that, you will unlock the option to end it all. To start, you must initiate a conversation with your romantic partner in the game and select the option that asks them what they think about your relationship. This may vary slightly depending on the character. In Sarah Morgan’s case, for instance, the line is “How are you feeling about our marriage?” After the character states what they feel, even if it is extremely positive, you can say the marriage is not working out.

You will then be given the choice to explain why you are choosing to end it, and the character will react to whatever you choose. They will then inform you that the divorce is permanent and that if you decide to proceed with such a choice, it will be irreversible. The point-of-no-return regarding divorce in Starfield is selecting the option that starts with “[End Commitment].” If this option is selected, you will have successfully divorced your partner without any additional tasks to complete.

Consequences Of Divorce (End Romance) In Starfield

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There are repercussions to getting a divorce. The first one is that the affected character will become angry with you and, thus, will leave you as an active follower in Starfield, should they be in that role when broken up with. They will say they need some time for themselves and will not be able to be recruited for a while – they will also treat you fairly poorly. However, they will still consider you an Ally and eventually will be your friend again.

You may even be able to romance the character again after some time, though marriage itself will be off the table. You should consider deeply before getting a divorce, as being married has its benefits in the world of Starfield, and they cannot be reclaimed if you have already broken your ex-partner’s heart.

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