‘I cannot let this go’: Seattle woman swears she saw a ghost at the Alibi Room. She’s not the only one


One in five Americans swear that they’ve seen a ghost before. A TikTok user named Jolie (@horrorhabitblog) claims she’s among them after an encounter with a ghost at Seattle’s Alibi Room.

She shared a chilling story with a 10-year reveal in response to a prompt from a fellow TikToker who asked folks to share something they swore that they saw but they cannot prove nor have any documentation to back up their experience.

Jolie’s reply to the clip accrued more than 323,000 views since it was posted on Sept. 10. In the comments, several folks wrote that they too have had spooky experiences of their own in the same place.

@horrorhabitblog #stitch with @Taco Since you asked so nicely and I think you’re awesome. Here’s a ghost story for ya. I later realized since this resturant was on a haunted tour, it probably won’t mind the public knowing it’s haunted. It’s the Alibi Room. Still love that place! #ghoststory #paranormal #pikeplacemarket #fyp ♬ original sound – Jolie

In her stitched video, Jolie shared her story about the ghost she swore she saw at a restaurant she’d often frequent in Seattle. “I cannot let this go I have to share this story. About 20 years ago I lived in downtown Seattle and I’d spend afternoon brunches on the weekend at a restaurant in the Pike Place market. Not gonna share where this place is—if you know you know,” she says.

While searching for haunted locations at the Pike Place Market, several came up. However, Jolie confirmed to a user in the comments section that the location she was referring to was the Alibi Room, which is a speakeasy-style bar.

Jolie continues in her video: “One day, I had to use the restroom and I go to the, I go to the stairs and I’m at the top of the stairs and I see down at the bottom of the stairs where no one should be, a very nicely dressed man he’s in a suit and he has slicked back hair and he has this smile on his face.”

Jolie was somewhat shocked as she traversed the stairs to head down to the bathroom in the restaurant’s basement. “And I’m like what’s going on here? What you doing dude? What do you want what’s going on? We stared each other for a little while and this man’s smile does not waver. Very friendly and so I just start walking down the stairs and I’m like what is going on and I get within a few of him and he still has the smile and he’s like, can I help you with anything? And I was like no, I’m just going to the bathroom, thank you,” she says.

Upon conversing with the man and using the restroom, Jolie says that when she came out the man was gone and she didn’t really think much of it. That is, until she went on a haunted ghost tour some 10 years later. “My friends and I … want to go to a haunted tour of the Pike Place Market and I was like I’m down, cool. The very first stop we go to is this restaurant and we go to the basement. And I was like what are we doing? I completely forgot about everything.”

But then “the tour guide said the number one spirit people see here is a nicely dressed man with slicked back hair and he asks if he can help you with anything. I just about fainted,” she says.

Some viewers who saw her clip speculated as to why Seattle is such a purportedly haunted place. “Fun Fact: Seattle is a city built on top of the old city! There are tours,” one user wrote.

Another person quipped that it’s probably easy to spot ghosts from another time in Seattle: If they aren’t dressed in a gnarly fashion. “First clue was nicely dressed at pike street I’m from WA,” the user joked.

One commenter said that during their own trips to Pike Place market they’ve felt a very spooky vibe there themselves. “I live just 20 minutes north. I can confirm that Pike Place is SUPER HAUNTED. My goodness at the energy there,” they wrote.

While another remarked that they too have come across the same entity that Jolie and so many other folks have said that they’ve seen. “Omg… I worked at Bottega Italiana about 15yrs ago and I think I saw him too,” the user claimed.

Another wondered what would happen if Jolie, or anyone the man asked if they needed help, said yes. “I wonder if anyone has ever said yes and gotten his help,” they wrote.

As for the entity at the Alibi Room that Jolie is referring to, this individual has been seen by so many folks that the restaurant has even referred to him on their website and given him a name. “One ghost named ‘Frank’ still makes an appearance now and then,” the site reads.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jolie via TikTok comment for further information.

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