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‘I gave my husband an ultimatum and he took it’ Reddit story has users in disbelief


The Reddit story ‘I gave my husband an ultimatum and he took it’ has left users speechless.

Reddit is popular for hosting posts, where users open up about a variety of problems concerning their lives or seek the opinions of fellow social media users when dealing with a complex situation. However, the OP of the story we are discussing today is being praised for standing up for herself before an underserving husband.

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‘I gave my husband an ultimatum and he took it’ Reddit post is heartwrenching

The OP and her husband have been married 8 years and they do not have any children. Sadly, the OP had a miscarriage only a few weeks ago and she was still grieving the loss of her child when her 20-year-old sister-in-law showed up at their doorstep sobbing, after being dumped by her boyfriend whose child she was carrying.

The OP and her husband took her in with open arms and the trio soon bonded well over the sister-in-law’s pregnancy. Everything was fine until the OP was bothered by the sister-in-law’s habits that didn’t sit well with her.

She would leave her clothes lying around, wouldn’t pick dirty dishes, and pretty much didn’t care about keeping the OP’s house clean while she lived there rent-free. The Reddit user couldn’t accept the treatment of her house by her sister-in-law when she was dumped with more responsibilities of taking care of the pregnant lady in her house.

She was expected to cook and clean for her sister-in-law and the latter always refused to help her brother’s wife in keeping the house clean.

The OP is devastated

Besides paying the bills and letting her sister-in-law stay for free in the house she had bought, the OP also had to buy her food. And she reached the end of her tether when her sister-in-law ate one food item the OP craved the most after her miscarriage, despite putting her name on it and telling the pregnant woman to not eat it.

When she brought it up with her husband, he said she should be kinder to his pregnant sister and she should find peace in helping a woman who is carrying a child after losing her own.

Just when the OP thought it couldn’t get worse, the sister-in-law throws a baby shower in her house without taking her permission. The Reddit user was devastated when she realized that her husband and his sister had taken the nursery she built for her unborn child.

The OP ends up having a breakdown and yells at her sister-in-law for ill-treating her and then taking the nursery she made for her baby when the pregnant woman says: “It’s not my fault that you can’t produce a baby.”

The sister-in-law’s remark pushes the OP to the edge and she gives her husband an ultimatum by asking him to pick between her and his sister. And, he couldn’t!

Reddit user sues her husband

When the husband continues to side with his pregnant sister, the OP asks them both to leave her house. The husband returns the next stay when the wife is getting ready for work and starts to apologize.

When the OP doesn’t accept his apology for justifying his sister’s action, he turns violent and resorts to breaking things in her house. He also punches a hole in the wall. The wife is stunned by her husband’s reaction. She even thought he could be reacting to the loss of their child after keeping his emotions bottled up.

She has a panic attack after her husband leaves, so she calls her mother over. Her mother takes pictures of the things he had broken in rage and without a second thought, the OP decides to sue her husband and file for a divorce from him.

Reddit users are glad that the OP decided to stay away from her abusive husband.

“So proud of her she deserves so much better,” said one.

Another added: “Oh hell no you need to leave! You can’t trust this man.”

A thrid one said: “I’d just kick them all out and get divorce.”

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