Ice Cold Murder Coffee and Jessica Wongso Review: A Killer or a Victim of the Law System?


Netflix’s latest crime documentary Ice Cold Murder, Coffee and Jessica Wongso brings a peculiar case that broke television records all across Indonesia with the ups and downs that happened during the trial. Directed by Rob Sixsmith, the documentary brings interviews with those involved in the case and recordings of the trial that shook Jakarta and social media.

The documentary covers the murder trial of Jessica Wongso who was accused of killing her best friend Mirna Salihin by putting cyanide in her coffee. The insufficient evidence and the verdict made by the court shocked many, however, the documentary points towards the Criminal Justice system in Indonesia which is seen to have made a biased judgement towards the case.

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The synopsis of the documentary reads:

This documentary delves into the unanswered questions surrounding the trial of Jessica Wongso years after the death of her best friend, Mirna Salihin.

-Ice Cold Murder Coffee and Jessica Wongso Review Contains No Spoilers-

The heart-chilling case of a friend who killed her friend by poisoning her with cyanide shook many, however, it was her calm and smiling face during the trials that left social media talking about her as the smiling coffee killer. Jessica Wongso and Mirna Salihin were to meet for some coffee and fun, however, the evening changed when the latter died and the former was called the killer.

This documentary brings up what happened on the day when Mirna Salihin was killed and why Jessica was pointed out to be the killer. It begins with the suspicion and evidence that pointed at Jessica at the beginning. These not only led Mirna’s family and social media to believe that Jessica was the killer but also anyone watching the documentary.

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Ice Cold Murder Coffee and Jessica Wongso Review
Ice Cold Murder Coffee and Jessica Wongso still

However, as the trial begins and proceeds, Jessica’s lawyer Otto Hasibuan not only makes the public see a different side but also convinces us why Jessica is not guilty. The many ups and downs the case goes through are clearly seen in this documentary, however, the difficulty of the shooting team can also be seen during the filming.

Be it the fear of the gun carried by the victim’s father or the denial to interview Jessica Wongso herself, their frustration can be seen which makes viewers question the happenings. This is why despite the verdict and public opinion, the documentary leaves you wondering if Jessica Wongso is the real killer or just a scapegoat.

The documentary catches the importance of social media and television very well and also shows the various aspects that affected the case. While clearly trying to show the biased and unfair trial given to Jessica Wongso, it also shows the mysterious person that she is and how there’s a 50-50 chance that there is more to this case than what is seen.

Ice Cold Murder Coffee and Jessica Wongso Review
Ice Cold Murder Coffee and Jessica Wongso still

Overall, through this case, the documentary is focusing on the justice system of Indonesia which seems to have many issues which makes it interesting to watch for those who like crime documentaries.

Summing Up: Ice Cold Murder Coffee and Jessica Wongso Review

The documentary brings an intense courtroom scene with many twists and turns that take place during this intriguing trial that made those related to the case celebrities. However, this is also a case which brings many questions and theories that make us wonder if the verdict was really right.

An intense trial that emerged from a brutal murder, this is a crime documentary that cannot be missed. It will definitely leave you wondering if Jessica is really the smiling coffee killer or just a scapegoat.

Watch Ice Cold Murder, Coffee and Jessica Wongso on Netflix.

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