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‘I’m a nurse… sometimes we get the little packs of stale biscuits’: Corporate worker says job gave her $350 Sony noise-canceling headphones


While the “Great Resignation” may be over, its lessons have stuck with employees. According to the New York Times, there’s a renewed interest in unions amongst workers, with unions having their “highest approval rating since 1965.” Additionally, some cities have introduced more protections for gig workers, including minimum wages and other benefits.

Employers, too, are working hard to keep employees at their jobs. To discourage workers from seeking other employment, they’re offering things like work-from-home privileges and other benefits, such as pet insurance, elder care assistance, and yoga classes.

In some cases, these efforts to keep employees happy can take the form of gifts—and good gifts at that, as TikTok user Jordan (@the_happyspender) recently shared.

“My corporate workplace treats me so well, they make me feel like an influencer that gets a PR package every other week,” the TikToker says in a video with over 153,000 views.


free clothes, free parking, free coffee what’s next

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As evidence of her statement, she reveals a pair of Sony noise-canceling headphones that her employer purchased for her. They appear to be the Sony WH1000XM4 headphones—a trendy and well-reviewed pair of headphones that cost around $350 USD.

In the caption, she adds that these aren’t the only benefits her job provides. “Free clothes, free parking, free coffee what’s next,” she writes.

While Jordan may be enjoying her workplace benefits, many users in comments admitted that their employers give them little if anything. 

“I’m a nurse in a public hospital and sometimes we get the little packs of stale biscuits,” wrote a user.

“I’m a nurse and one time for Christmas our manager gave our department a tin of milo to share,” added another.

“My company forces us to use personal laptops for work and install softwares,” shared a third.

While some were enthusiastic about Jordan’s workplace treatment, others accused her employer of giving her “golden handcuffs.”

For context, “Golden handcuffs are financial incentives given to employees to discourage them from leaving a company,” per Investopedia.

Although Jordan says she doesn’t necessarily disagree with the accusation, for the time being, she’s enjoying the benefits.

“Not mad about it,” she wrote in response to a comment on the topic.

Others seemed to agree.

As one user put it, “I would much rather be in golden handcuffs than whatever my job does.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Jordan via Instagram direct message.

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