In Production: New Paris Film Pictures movie “Dream,” starring Andrew Osei-Karmen

A remarkable project in the field of cinematic creativity is concluding production which brought together the skills of renowned British actor Andrew Osei-Karmen with the inventiveness of Media studio Delver, fashion line Cecil Ardisson, and Paris Film Pictures. “Dream,” which is set in Santa Barbara, California, is a gripping love story that develops into a gripping thriller, the screenwriter explores the complexity of human nature in a time when dating and intimate relationships are difficult because of the pandemic.

In a recent interview for “Dream” Andrew Osei-Karmen stated he was captivated with the film’s original plot and complex cast of characters. His dedication to method acting enabled him to thoroughly inhabit the part, giving his character, Daniel, depth and authenticity. Saskia Lauren, an actress and runway model, co-stars with him on-screen playing Maddison, and their on-screen chemistry propels the storyline of the movie. (View IMDb.)

Beyond what is visible to the naked eye, several media companies have joined forces to produce “Dream.” Cecil Ardisson from Fashion Vogue, Delver Media, a music and media company, and the European creative filmmakers of Paris Film Pictures worked in unison to create this cinematic Gem. This dynamic project has been given life thanks to their combined talent and passion.

Andrew Osei-Karmen’s strong bond with the filming location became increasingly clear as they began shooting scenes amidst the breathtaking scenery of Santa Barbara. He is currently viewing properties to buy near the film location.

Some reviewers claim that “Dream” goes beyond what is often acceptable in filmmaking. It stands for the potential that joint artistic endeavours have to offer. The movie is ready to fascinate audiences worldwide with a cast and crew who reflect a variety of experiences and viewpoints, giving a novel approach to storytelling that cuts beyond boundaries and cultures. This strategy highlights the universal essence that permeates the fabric of the entertainment business while also deepening the narrative’s richness.

“This project brings together talents from across Europe and America, creating a uniquely enriching environment,” said Andrew when discussing “Dream”. That is why working with Paris Film Pictures has been such a pleasure.

Inviting viewers to lose themselves in a universe where love, intrigue, and dark human nature collide in an engaging story, “Dream” promises to be a cinematic adventure. With the well-known method acting of Andrew Osei-Karmen, Delver, Cecil Ardisson, and Paris Film Pictures, this movie is destined to push the limits of storytelling and enthral viewers all over the world.

With the ongoing Artists strike release dates for Dream have been pushed back to February 2024.

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