Is It Suitable For Children?


  • Wish, Disney’s latest heroine-driven adventure, follows Asha on a fun-filled quest to save her kingdom from an ambitious king.
  • Like previous Disney musicals, Wish features humor, Easter eggs, and some elements that may be a bit intense for younger viewers, warranting its PG rating.
  • Wish is a kid-friendly movie with a crisp runtime and entertaining fantasy and adventure elements that make it suitable for children of all ages.



Disney Animation Studios once again dips its toes into the musical genre with Wish, the latest heroine-driven adventure from the studio behind Frozen and Moana. The adventure fantasy comedy follows Asha, a teenager from the Kingdom of Rosas who, with the help of her goat sidekick and a magical entity known as Star, set out to save her kingdom from the villainous clutches of an ambitious king. While the movie often sticks to the basic formula established by Disney’s musical adventures, Wish also operates as an ode to 100 years of Disney animation, acting as the origin story for the Wishing Star.

Like all of its Disney Animation Studios predecessors, Wish is aimed at a younger demographic, but there is certainly enough humor and Easter eggs involved to keep adults entertained as well. Movies like Moana and Frozen are mostly light and fun, but occasionally delve into danger and more adult concepts. Wish brings similar elements to the table, which is what generated its PG rating. Given that there was enough to push the movie beyond a G rating, parents will certainly wonder if Wish may be too much for their youngest viewers.

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Wish’s PG Rating Explained: Thematic Elements & Action

The action will likely be similar to films like Moana and Tangled.

The Motion Picture Association has designated a PG rating for Wish, which indicates that parental guidance is suggested for young children. Any time a children’s movie passes beyond a G rating, there are often elements that younger viewers may find scary or upsetting, even though there aren’t any gore or actual horror elements. Wish‘s PG rating is due to “thematic elements and action,” which puts it right in line with recent animation sensations Encanto, Moana, and Frozen. In each of those movies, there were some adult themes at play, like grief and loss, moments of danger, and somewhat intense action.

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Like those recent animated Disney movies, Wish does not include any curse words or suggestive elements. As the film is based around magic, it includes some intense moments surrounding Wish‘s primary villain, although given that it’s a human villain, it seems unlikely that there will not be any overly scary, nightmare-inducing images. Given the animation style, positive messaging, and catchy songs, it seems likely that most younger viewers will not be bothered by the brief moments of danger and action. The thematic elements are pretty par-for-the-course for Disney, and may not even be fully grasped by most children.

Disney’s Movie Wish Is Very Suitable For Kids

A fun, not-scary adventure along with a crisp runtime make it appropriate for all ages.

Asha surrounded by glowing orbs and looking amazed in Wish.

Wish hits many of the same notes as Disney’s recent box office hits, meaning it is appropriate for children of all ages despite the PG rating. The fantasy and adventure elements are entertaining, not scary, and its fun and intoxicating soundtrack is sure to elevate the movie in the eyes of children. The movie’s runtime also plays a role in its kid-friendly status: coming in at just 92 minutes, Wish is shorter than most of Disney’s recent hits, with Frozen, Moana, and Encanto all curiously clocking in at around 102 minutes. Given these elements, Wish seems perfectly suitable for kids of all ages.

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