Is Sarah Leaving Hudson and Rex? Are Charlie and Sarah Together in Hudson and Rex?

Is Sarah Leaving Hudson and Rex? 

It’s uncertain whether Sarah is leaving “Hudson & Rex.” Sarah, portrayed by actress Mayko Nguyen, has not confirmed her departure from the show. In the series, her character, Chief of Forensics Sarah Truong, was presented with a job offer from the London Metropolitan Police in Season 3, but she decided to turn down the opportunity, choosing to stay with the St. John’s Police Department.

This led to speculation about her potential exit. However, there is no official confirmation regarding Sarah’s departure from “Hudson & Rex,” and fans will have to keep watching to see how her character’s story unfolds.

Are Charlie and Sarah Together in Hudson and Rex?

Yes, in the TV series “Hudson & Rex,” Charlie and Sarah are together. Detective Charlie Hudson and Dr. Sarah Truong, who is the Chief of Forensics at the St. John’s Police Department, have developed a romantic relationship throughout the series. They started as colleagues and close friends in Season 1, but their bond deepened over time.

In Season 4, their friendship evolved into a romantic connection, and in the Season 5 premiere, it was officially revealed that Charlie and Sarah are dating. This development marked a significant moment in their relationship, and viewers of “Hudson & Rex” have witnessed their romantic journey on the show.


Who is Sarah in Hudson And Rex?

In “Hudson & Rex,” Sarah is a character who works as the Chief of Forensics at the St. John’s Police Department. She is skilled in the field of forensic analysis, which involves examining evidence from crime scenes to help solve cases. Sarah is portrayed by the actress Mayko Nguyen and is known for her role as the girlfriend of Detective Charlie Hudson, one of the main characters in the series.

Her character brings important expertise to the police department by using scientific methods to gather clues and evidence, ultimately aiding in the investigations conducted by the team.

Who is Charlie in Hudson and Rex?

Charlie Hudson is a character in the TV series “Hudson & Rex.” He works as a detective in the Major Crimes division of the St. John’s Police Department. Charlie has always aspired to be a detective, and his dream comes true when he joins the police force. He is partnered with Rex, a highly skilled German Shepherd with extraordinary senses of smell and hearing.

This partnership begins after Rex’s former human partner, Constable Grace Lindsay, tragically loses her life while chasing a kidnapper, and Rex faces euthanasia. Throughout the series, Charlie and Rex work together to solve various crimes, with Rex’s remarkable abilities playing a crucial role in cracking cases. They receive support from their colleagues, including Superintendent Joe Donovan, Forensics Chief Sarah Truong, and IT Specialist Jesse Mills.

The show also delves into Charlie’s personal life, including his divorce from his ex-wife, Julia Tillman, and his evolving romantic relationship with Sarah. John Reardon portrays Charlie Hudson in the series, and the show chronicles their adventures in solving crimes together.

Hudson and Rex

“Hudson & Rex” is a popular Canadian TV series that combines elements of police procedural and comedy drama. It follows the adventures of Major Crimes detective Charlie Hudson and his remarkable four legged partner, Rex. Together, they form an unconventional but highly effective crime solving duo in the city of St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Rex, the German Shepherd, uses his keen senses and intelligence to help Charlie and the police team crack cases. The show is known for its engaging mysteries, heartwarming moments between Charlie and Rex, and the unique bond that forms between the two as they tackle various criminal investigations. The series has gained a loyal fan base and continues to captivate viewers with its intriguing stories and the special partnership at its core.

Hudson and Rex Cast



Detective Charlie Hudson

John Reardon

Chief of Forensics Sarah Truong

Mayko Nguyen

Superintendent Joseph “Joe” Donovan

Kevin Hanchard

IT Specialist Jesse Mills

Justin Kelly

Rex (the dog)

Diesel vom Burgimwald

Sergeant Jan Renley (seasons 1, 3 & 5)

Raven Dauda

Dr. Karma Poole (season 5)

Bridget Wareham

Hudson and Rex Release date

“Hudson & Rex” first premiered on March 25, 2019. The show has continued to release new seasons, and it recently began its sixth season on October 4, 2023. This Canadian police procedural and comedy drama series has entertained viewers with its exciting episodes and unique crime-solving duo.

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