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Karen Nyamu hits back at Pastor T after Ksh420K alcohol rebuke

Karen Nyamu took a swipe at celebrity preacher Anthony Kahura Mwangi popularly known as Pastor T.

The UDA-nominated senator shared a clip of Pastor T’s preaching on InstaStories as she poked fun at his sermon.

In the sermon, Pastor T condemned the way some men give offerings to God. He lamented that some people fold the cash they are offering like it’s some piece of trash.

“This is how men come to give to God. Someone gets money and folds it like this (demonstrating). That’s how they are giving money like this. They are holding it like this and they release it in the giving. What is the value of God in your life? Because value communicates value,” Pastor T preached.

Reacting to Pastor T’s sermon, Karen Nyamu wondered if he wanted new notes. She further stated that God was not in need of money and that offerings go to the preacher.

Umesema unataka noti mpya mpya? Don’t mispresent God, He’s not petty and he doesn’t like cash. Cash ni yako. Alafu unataka tujinga tukisema, Amen powerful word lol. If it’s not in the bible it is not the word,” Karen Nyamu captioned the video of Pastor T’s preaching.

Karen Nyamu hits back at Pastor T after Ksh420K alcohol rebuke 1

Karen Nyamu, Pastor T beef

Karen Nyamu’s criticism of Pastor T’s sermon comes three months after the preacher condemned politicians for living extravagant lifestyles when ordinary citizens are suffering.

Pastor T hit out at politicians buying Ksh420,000 alcohol. Karen Nyamu on Father’s Day June 16, 2023, caused a stir when she bought Ksh420,000 alcohol which most people assumed was a gift for Samidoh.

“I don’t think there’s a Kenyan who has a problem paying tax, no one. The problem arises when, before we pay tax, someone wears a watch worth 8 million, another wears a watch worth 3 million, and yet another buys alcohol worth 420,000 for their boyfriend. Someone else parades a 20-million-shilling Range Rover while ordinary Kenyans can’t afford meals. It’s like an insult to your face,” Pastor T lamented.

Karen Nyamu didn’t hit out at Pastor T until now.

Ksh420k alcohol

Samidoh in July 2023 confirmed that Karen Nyamu did not spend Ksh420,000 to buy him alcohol.

The Mugithi singer noted that the Ksh420,000 liquor was just another fat lie meant for clout-chasing on social media.

Karen Nyamu responded to her baby daddy Samidoh after he clarified that he did not receive the much-hyped Ksh420,000 alcohol as a Father’s Day gift.

The UDA-nominated senator claimed that although she bought the gift, she did not mention that the Louis XIII brandy by Remy Martin alcohol was meant for Samidoh because, after all, she has two baby daddies and her father.


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