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Krispy Kreme’s Palestine Fundraiser is a pledge by students at UCLA

Krispy Kreme is being applauded for launching a fundraiser for Palestine, but it wasn’t actually started by the doughnut chain.

It’s part of their charity program with GroupRaise which lets anyone raise money for a cause with Krispy Kreme Fundraising Doughnuts.

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Krispy Kreme Palestine Fundraiser

The fundraiser was launched by students from the Middle Eastern Student Association at the University of California.

“We are raising money to help the victims affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza,” the pledge says.

“PCRF is the primary humanitarian organization in Palestine that provides life-saving medical relief where it is needed most.”

When you buy a $15 dozen through their link, 50% of that money is donated back the Middle Eastern Student Association.

They are then donating this money to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. Almost $10,000 has been raised so far.

UCLA students launch pledge

A Twitter post went viral this week claiming that Krispy Kreme set up the fundraiser, prompting many to praise the chain.

“Krispy Kreme is going to fund a relief for children in Gaza and will definitely be getting business from me!!!” the tweet says.

One person commented: “I heard Krispy Kreme are actually sending money to Palestine. I’m not a coffee drinker no idea if theirs is good but worth a try.”

“Not that I need an excuse to go get Krispy Kreme but this makes this even more delicious!” said another.

The doughnut chain is indirectly donating money to Gaza through the UCLA students but didn’t actually choose the charity.

“We would just like to clarify that this is a fundraiser set up by organization through Krispy Kreme’s fundraising program,” the Middle Eastern Association clarified on Instagram.

“The only way to support the cause is by ordering directly through the link in our bio. 50% of each dozen will be donated to PCRF and the other 50% goes to Krispy Kreme.”

Krispy Kreme’s Fundraising Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme’s fundraising program is a unique idea to raise money for a charity close to your heart with doughnuts.

You can sell Original Glazed dozens virtually to friends and family and distribute redemption codes via email.

Your supporters will then be able to redeem in-shop and 50% of each Original Glazed Dozen you order is donated.

Apply here to start selling Digital Dozens and raise money for your chosen charity.

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