KSI Speaks Out: Adin Ross Accused of Bribing to Sabotage Misfits Boxing Event

KSI Addresses Allegations of Sabotage In Misfits Boxing Event

The latest fallout between UK YouTuber JJ “KSI” and Adin Ross Has sparked controversy In The streaming and influencer boxing communities. Amidst hypothesis of sabotage In KSI’s Misfits Boxing occasion, KSI Has addressed rumors surrounding Adin Ross allegedly bribing a fighter to withdraw from The major occasion.

In a latest Sidecast episode, KSI was questioned about The sudden withdrawal of Most Needed, one of His fighters, on The day of The occasion. Whereas there Have been rumors suggesting that Adin Ross could Have bribed Most Needed to sabotage The Fight, KSI expressed skepticism about such claims:
“I’d like to say No.”

Most Needed’s abrupt withdrawal from The Fight moments earlier than it was scheduled to begin prompted discussions inside The influencer boxing scene. KSI, alongside With fellow Sidemen member Ethan “Behzinga,” delved into The matter throughout The Sidecast episode. Reflecting on The scenario, KSI expressed disappointment and questioned Most Needed’s preliminary choice to take part In The occasion:
“Most Needed…it was actually like a minute earlier than The Fight. A minute earlier than The Fight, he stated, ‘I can’t do that. I can’t Fight.’… Why did you say ‘sure’ to Fighting In The First place?”

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Behzinga raised The risk of Adin Ross providing monetary incentives to Most Needed to withdraw from The Fight and undermine KSI’s major occasion. Nevertheless, KS I remained hesitant to attribute malicious intent to Ross, stating that he finds such accusations unlikely:
“I’d like to say No but when I did see him, for instance, on an Adin Ross present, then it’s on sight…look, he can do what he desires however I used to be very disillusioned.”

Whereas KSI shunned immediately accusing Ross of bribery, The allegations Have added gas to The ongoing feud between The two influencers. As tensions persist inside The streaming and influencer boxing communities, it stays to be seen how this controversy will influence future occasions and relationships inside The trade.


“If I see him on an Adin Ross present then it’s on sight… I used to be very disillusioned.”

KSI reacts to The Misfits fighter that pulled out minutes earlier than making His ring stroll In The major occasion 😬 pic.Twitter.com/bnVEhlRVXH

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