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Kulhad pizza couple leaked video


The Kulhad Pizza couple from Jalandhar, Punjab, is emblematic of the journey from humble origins to culinary stardom. With their innovative take on traditional recipes, they started their culinary foray with a modest roadside stall. 

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The delectable and regionally-inspired street food they served didn’t take long to capture the attention of locals and food enthusiasts alike. Their rapidly growing popularity eventually led them to set up their first brick-and-mortar establishment, symbolizing their evolution from mere street vendors to celebrated restaurateurs. With increasing fame, their commitment to quality and creativity never waned, further consolidating their reputation in the culinary scene.

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However, with prominence came controversy. The couple found themselves at the center of a contentious debate when they were implicated in an incident involving toy guns. Accused of promoting gun culture, they were subsequently booked under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code. In defense, the couple clarified their staunch opposition to gun culture. In an earlier episode, their decision to advertise weaponry on social media was a polarizing move. While many applauded their entrepreneurial spirit and audacity, others raised questions about the ethical implications of such promotions, emphasizing the responsibilities that come with influence.

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The most recent and perhaps the most scandalous controversy surrounding the couple involved a salacious video that spread like wildfire on social media platforms. This explicit video allegedly featured the couple, casting a shadow over their reputation. Sehaj Arora, the face behind Kulhad Pizza, was swift to debunk its authenticity. He shared an account of being blackmailed with the video via an Instagram message. 

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Choosing to confront the issue head-on, he approached the local police station in Jalandhar to report the threat. Sehaj speculated that the video might have been doctored using advanced AI technology, implying facial replacements to portray them in compromising positions. Saroj, possibly Sehaj’s partner, earnestly appealed to the public’s sensibility, urging them to respect privacy and refrain from circulating the video further, emphasizing the importance of family and dignity in such trying times.Their narrative underscores the multifaceted challenges that public figures grapple with in today’s digital age, where the line between truth and misinformation is often blurred, and the onus of ethical behavior extends to both influencers and their audience.


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