Legacy of Monsters Doesn’t Feature Godzilla In Title Explained By Showrunner


  • Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is a TV show that features Monarch agents hunting down monsters in the aftermath of a massive Godzilla fight.
  • The show’s title intentionally excludes Godzilla to emphasize the importance of all monsters and humans, not just one Titan.
  • While Godzilla is not mentioned in the title, he still plays a significant role in the series and his presence ensures the Monsterverse’s continued success.



The ambiguous title of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters neglects to mention Godzilla’s involvement, and there is good reason for it. The newest iteration of the Monsterverse franchise, Monarch is a TV show that features agents from the eponymous organization hunting down monsters in the aftermath of a massive Godzilla fight. It premiered on November 17 and is set to run weekly until the 10th and final episode of season 1 airs on January 12. The show stars Kurt Russell, Wyatt Russell, Anna Sawai, and, of course, the legendary Titan Godzilla.

While Godzilla plays a major role in the story, his name is not included in the show’s title. In an interview with Slash Film, showrunner Chris Black explained the reason for the exclusion. After ample debate about the title, the Monarch cast and crew decided that the best option would be to prevent labeling the show as merely Godzilla’s series. Instead, every monster and every human can star alongside the Titan, which widens the scope. Check out Black’s quote below:

It wasn’t always what it is now. I will be honest: It went through a lot of titles. There was a lot of internal debate about what the perfect title for the show was, and having the right title. We all knew in terms of an identifier for the show and the story was incredibly important. We explored a lot of titles that felt more throwbacks to the sort of Toho universe. I think at the end of the day, we decided we didn’t want to limit it to one Titan, to one creature. It needed to be about the broader universe. I’m actually, at the end of the day, really very happy with the title, particularly “Legacy of Monsters,” because it is about legacy — family legacy, human legacy — as much as it is about monsters. It felt like it really landed on something, for me anyway, that worked for the show.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Is Not About Godzilla

Mantleclaw running in Monarch Legacy of Monsters

Godzilla is the King of Monsters, which often gives him an overstated role among the other Titans. The Monsterverse revolves around him, and only King Kong truly rivals him for prominence in the cultural lexicon. It would be a natural step to name the show after its most infamous Titan, who also happens to lead the entire universe.

The decision to avoid making Godzilla the titular center, however, enables the humans to play more of a central role. In that way, the direction of the show is directly guided by the title. It is about Monarch and the legacy of monsters, not just the legacy of Godzilla. No matter how destructive he can be, other Monsterverse Titans are just as dangerous and just as important for Monarch to study. It would have been a limiting agent, but, instead, the title allows the characters to be the center focus.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters can be found only on Apple TV+.

A mere title does not mean that Godzilla is irrelevant, of course. If Monarch season 2 is approved, Godzilla will inevitably play a major role, just as he does in season 1. Godzilla is still a significant audience draw, and his presence ensures that the Monsterverse will continue to thrive. Monarch: Legacy of Monsters may not directly name Godzilla in its title, but he still plays an essential role, especially since his 2014 battle launches the show.

Source: Slash Film


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