Lies of P: How to Beat Champion Victor (Boss Fight)

The pinnacle of all living beings, Champion Victor, is a boss you must fight in Lies of P and beat by avoiding their highly damaging physical attacks.

A hulking human modified by the Alchemists, Champion Victor is a boss in Lies of P you must beat in the Grand Exhibition Conference Room to continue your adventures through Krat. This Frankenstein-inspired being has two short but brutal phases you have to overcome. Similar to the classic monster, this boss has a single weakness you can exploit to make the fight much easier.



Champion Victor shares many similarities to the Door Guardian boss in Lies of P, who happens to be another giant human who fights with strong physical attacks. You have the ability to spend a Star Fragment to summon a Specter NPC to battle Victor with you. This companion of sorts not only can deal some damage to the boss on their own, but it also serves as an excellent distraction that allows you to land more hits against Victor.

How to Defeat Champion Victor in Lies of P

Lies of P Champion Victor Defeated in Phase 1 Transforming into Phase 2

Fire damage is the best way to defeat Champion Victor, especially during the boss’ second phase. Victor’s attacks in both phases are traditional punches, kicks, and slams that all utilize the augmented human’s overwhelming strength.

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Champion Victor Move List



How to Beat

Swinging Punch

Victor throws a normal punch from the side.

Dodge the attack or Block it.

Leaping Stomp

After jumping into the air, Victor lands back down with a massive Stomp.

Wait for Victor to jump before using a Dodge to move out of the way of the boss landing. You can strike immediately as Victor recovers from this attack.

Standing Stomp

Victor raises their foot before stomping it into the ground.

Move away from the raised foot or Dodge the stomp as the foot goes down.

Double Fist Smash

Raising both fists in the air together, Victor slams both into a spot in front of him.

Dodge backward as the fists are about to strike, then attack.

Uppercut Punch

Victor swings their fist from a low spot up toward the air with surprising speed.

As Victor pulls their fist back, Move away to avoid the fast Uppercut.

Flurry of Blows

Advancing toward you, Victor swings their fists rapidly one after another in a devastating combo attack. If the boss glows red, this becomes a Fury Attack.

You can Perfect Guard the Fury Attack to stop Victor and land some hits. You may also Block each attack or Move away.

Grab & Smash

Victor grabs Pinocchio before punching you over and over, finishing with an unavoidable stomp.

Victor holds out a post with their palms up right before doing this attack. Watch for this and Move away to stay out of Victor’s range for the grab.

Jumping Punch

After jumping up, Victor swings their fist down to punch as they land back in the arena.

Dodge the punching fist as Victor lands, then land a hit or two while the boss recovers.

Victor’s second phase has the same moves as before, only this time with much more aggression and less recovery on certain attacks. Stick to your strategy in phase 1, while watching for when the boss’ health bar turns white to indicate a stagger, which allows you to perform a Fatal Attack on Victor. Once you manage to beat Champion Victor in Lies of P, you’ll be rewarded with the Reborn Champion’s Rare Ergo.

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