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Beating the Parade Master boss in Lies of P can be a daunting task. This is the game’s first boss fight, representing a major difficulty leap compared to ordinary opponents scattered across the starting area. Parade Master is the leader of the carnival-like performance you have seen throughout the Plaza in Krat. It is a giant mechanical robot with a cage affixed to its back and a large top hat, which plays an important role during the fight. Its combat mechanics, life bar, and general damage output are very different from the lowly mechanical subjects roaming the areas that lead to Hotel Krat.



This means facing it for the first time can be overwhelming, especially if heading into the encounter ill-prepared. There are a few safe and useful strategies to employ when battling the Parade Master that may just be enough to give you the edge to beat this first and tough boss fight. Nonetheless, this is a difficult battle, so there may be a few attempts in line before being able to top the opponents. As it is not possible to respec in Lies of P ahead of this battle, you will have to study the boss’ moves and understand how to react to them instead of changing your stats.

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Parade Master Boss Fight – Phase 1

A young man with medium length black hair, wearing a blue coat and white formal shirt with a broach around a handkerchief necktie. The background contains a wrought iron gate and stone buildings fading into the foggy distance.

The Parade Master’s boss fight in Lies of P has two distinct phases. The first part of the fight sees the opponent act normally, using its fists in battle and occasionally throwing its body at you. A move to look out for is his gap-closer. Parade Master gently leans in before thrusting himself toward your direction. The best action here is dodging sideways to avoid its charging attack. This attack is often followed by a punch with its left arm that will strike your right side. You can either dodge again or try to block the attack. Parade Master telegraphs most of its moves in the fight.

Parade Master is vulnerable to electric damage, so use that to your full advantage. Applying the Electric Blitz Abrasive on your weapons is one of the best ways of increasing your damage output during this battle. The Wandering Merchant vendor just outside the boss arena sells the item.

The boss will lift the arm it will use to strike, so be ready to dodge or block. One of Parade Master’s most dangerous moves is when it raises both arms and glows red. This is known as a Fury Attack in Lies of P. If you are too close to the opponent, you cannot dodge the attack, as it requires you to be completely out of its entire hitbox. To completely avoid this Fury Attack, you will need to execute a perfectly timed block called a Perfect Guard. This can be a tricky stunt to pull off, but it is worth the training.

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Another move that is not so common during the first phase of the Parade Master fight is when the boss will sprint toward the character, jump, and belly slam the floor – and potentially your character. This attack should be dodged whenever possible. Between these attacks, you will want to land some strikes and safely move away to get ready to dodge or block. The secret to the first boss fight in Lies of P (and most tougher battles) is being aggressive and knowing when to step back. Hesitating to attack is almost always the key to failure in the game.

Once Parade Master’s HP is around half, it will initiate Phase 2. This may be triggered before reaching half of its HP, and, on occasion, it may even be triggered well beyond reaching half. This can vary depending on your damage output and how quickly (or slowly) you drain the boss’ HP.

Parade Master Boss Fight – Phase 2

The Krat Festival's location with the Parade Master in Lies of P standing alone in the middle of the area with a cage strapped to its back.

Phase 2 will be initiated in a very visible manner, as the Parade Master will rip the cage from its back and slam it against the floor. Immediately after this, the boss will rip its top hat off from its head. While it is doing this entire animation sequence in Lies of P, you can and should land several strikes against it. The character’s torso will become engulfed in flames, marking the full transition into the second phase of the boss fight. Phase 2 will see Parade Master change most of its moveset seen in the first portion of the fight, shifting to a more aggressive stance.

One of its standard and most notable attacks is a sequence of three strikes with its newly acquired hat mace. Parade Master will move toward you while striking, so you should consider blocking instead of dodging – you may not make it out of the hitbox in time. Phase 2 of the boss fight also has a gap-closer that sees the boss in Lies of P sidestep and strike you with two attacks. One of its most annoying attacks is not even a directed attack, per se. Parade Master will slam the floor with its mace, and you will be hit if you are too close.

This is a swift move that does not have too much telegraphing, so it can be a nuisance and very dangerous if you are on the verge of dying. When Parade Master lifts the mace high up in the air, be ready to dodge away as it will slam the floor very hard. It hits so hard that the mace gets stuck in the ground for a few seconds – a window that should be used to strike it if you could avoid the hit. Phase 2’s Fury Attack is exactly the same, but the boss will glow red to indicate the danger.

If you notice there is no time to escape it altogether, be ready to attempt a Perfect Guard. Parade Master will retain a few of its abilities from Phase 1, such as the jump and belly slam. It may take a few tries to master dodging and parrying, but knowing the opponent’s moveset and how to react to each occasion will give you the upper hand. That is when you will eventually beat Parade Master, the first boss fight in Lies of P.

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