Lies of P: How to Level Up Fast


Lies of P is the newest Souls-borne game that will make players want to level up as quickly as possible. Players must level up in these games by spending the game’s currency, which in Lies of P is called Ergo. Any method of leveling up quickly will involve finding a significant Ergo source to gain levels in any of the player’s stats.



Lies of P follows the tactics of the puppet Pinocchio in a steampunk city where the Puppets have entered a frenzy. Players must fight through the city, gather Ergo as they go, and encounter bosses to defeat with methodical precision. Players will want to level up fairly quickly to have a better chance against the notoriously hard bosses of the genre and be well prepared for Lies of P‘s Final Boss.

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How To Level Up Quickly In Lies Of P

An image of the Krat Central Station and the clock above it in Lies of P

With Lies of P being quite similar to Bloodborne, there is no real tried and true method of leveling up fast other than finding large sources of Ergo. This being the case, the best way to level up is to find and kill every enemy, mini-boss, and boss in an area. Mini-bosses and bosses will give players a much larger amount of Ergo, but they are also harder to kill. Therefore, respawning regular enemies and clearing them all out is the best method to gain a large amount of Ergo.

Killing these enemies is also a good way of getting loot drops of Ergo items that are blue, and bosses such as the Parade Master can also drop a higher quality version of this drop known as a Rare Ergo. Players can use these items to gain a lot of Ergo fast, allowing them to level up and buy items. It is not recommended to use the Rare Ergo for leveling unless you already have unlocked the items that require it from Alidoro.

It is possible to respec in Lies of P, but that does not become available until later, so choose your early stats wisely.

Likewise, selling items to Polendina if you do not plan to use them can also be a method for gaining Ergo, but this will not work very fast. It remains that to level up quickly, finding a good XP farm is the best way to do it. That being said, there is one XP farm quite early on suggested by YouTuber Sofa Supastar Gaming that can be found quickly and can be used to level up fast.

This XP farm is the Krat Central Station, which can be unlocked by defeating the mini-boss just outside the main entrance to the area. There are many enemies in the area and two Stargazer points, which act like lanterns in Bloodborne and allow players to fast travel in Lies of P. It is fairly easy to rinse and repeat these enemies very early in the game, so players should be able to build their vitality and strength fast by resting at the Stargazer and clearing the area until they have a good level for the first boss.

Source: YouTube/Sofa Supastar Gaming

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    Lies of P

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    Following in the footsteps of games similar to Bloodborne, Lies of P is an action-RPG adventure game with heavy Souls-like influences. Loosely based on the tale of Pinocchio, Lies of P throws players into the shoes of the reimagined wooden boy as a puppet mechanoid as he wakes up in a city devoid of life. Pinocchio has only one clue as to what’s happening to him; a single note telling him to find Mr. Gepetto. Players will battle through the city of Krat free of humans as they struggle against other mechanical and hellish monsters that await them at every turn. To face these threats, players can craft various weapons using devices found throughout the city and gain new attachments to improve traversal. The ending can be significantly affected depending on the player’s narrative and action-based choices. Lies of P will be released on current and next-gen consoles and PC sometime in 2023.


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