LIVE: Kiwi vs. Barbados, First ODI Score: Draw; Inspection At 3.30 PM IST


In a highly anticipated encounter between Bangladesh and New Zealand, the 1st ODI faced a temporary halt due to adverse weather conditions. However, cricket enthusiasts can now breathe a sigh of relief as the covers have been removed and an inspection is scheduled at 3:30 PM IST. This article provides live updates on the match status, keeping fans abreast of the latest developments.

The Weather Disruption

The match between Bangladesh and New Zealand saw a temporary suspension as adverse weather conditions intervened, causing a delay in the proceedings. The cricketing world held its breath as covers were drawn over the pitch, awaiting a break in the weather.

Covers Off, Inspection Underway

The latest update brings good news for cricket fans. The covers have been removed, signaling a positive step towards resuming the match. An inspection is currently underway to assess the ground conditions and determine if play can resume.

The Anticipation Builds

As the inspection takes place, both teams and fans alike are eagerly awaiting the decision that will dictate the fate of this highly anticipated 1st ODI. The skill and determination of both Bangladesh and New Zealand players are sure to make for an exciting match once play resumes.

Key Players to Watch

In a match of such significance, key players from both sides are expected to play pivotal roles. The likes of Tamim Iqbal, Mushfiqur Rahim, and Shakib Al Hasan from Bangladesh, along with Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, and Trent Boult from New Zealand, are anticipated to showcase their prowess and make significant contributions.

The Importance of Adaptability

Adverse weather conditions are an inevitable part of cricket, and they often test the adaptability and resilience of both teams. The ability to adjust to changing circumstances and maintain focus is crucial for success, and it will be interesting to see which team can navigate these challenges more effectively.


The 1st ODI between Bangladesh and New Zealand promises to be a thrilling encounter, with both teams eager to make their mark. The temporary weather delay has added an element of suspense, but with the covers off and an inspection underway, the excitement is building once more. Cricket enthusiasts around the world will be eagerly following the updates, anticipating a match filled with skill, determination, and memorable moments. Stay tuned for further developments as the action unfolds!


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