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Loial’s Song & Treesingers In Wheel Of Time Explained


Warning: Spoilers for The Wheel of Time season 2, episode 6



Without explanation, The Wheel of Time season 2, episode 6 saw Loial display a surprising new ability. After being forced to sing a song before a crowd of Seanchan, Loial somehow used his voice to make a small tree bloom beautifully. His friend, Ingtar Shinowa, was shown watching in astonishment.

Given the number of amazing feats the Aes Sedai and The Wheel of Time’s Forsaken have accomplished, Loial’s ability isn’t exactly the most remarkable achievement in the series. However, it stands out regardless, especially since most extraordinary acts in The Wheel of Time are performed by channelers of the One Power, the signature ability in Robert Jordan’s fantasy world. Loial, though, can’t channel. His lack of a connection to the True Source makes what he does in The Wheel of Time season 2, episode 6, titled “Eyes Without Pity,” a striking moment for the show.

Treesingers’ Abilities & Origins In The Wheel Of Time Explained

Loial Sings To A Tree In Wheel Of Time

Though the Seanchan making Loial sing to a tree isn’t in the novels, the power itself stems directly from the source material. In the Wheel of Time books, it’s understood that some Ogiers possess a power known as Treesinging. Those who have this talent are in turn referred to as Treesingers. With it, they sing the “song of growing,” which foster sudden growth in trees and other plants. It’s this very song that Loial is shown performing in “Eyes Without Pity.” This explains why the tree in the episode sprouted leaves and grew so drastically.

In Ogier society, the primary use of Treesinging is the development of crops. For obvious reasons, such an ability is extremely useful when it comes to sustaining their steddings (Ogier settlements.) In addition to that, they use it to make “sung wood,” wooden objects manifested by their singing. The books established that these practices have been a part of their culture for centuries, dating all the way back to the Age of Legends. As for where it comes from, that’s not exactly clear, but even so, its existence in their society speaks to the affinity that Ogiers have long shared with nature. After all, they dwell within groves filled with trees and gardens, which they work hard to maintain and care for in the books.

Loial Is One Of The Best (& Last) Treesingers

Loial holding a book in the common room of an inn in The Wheel of Time

Interestingly, Loial is counted as one of the best Treesingers in The Wheel of Time’s world, meaning that what he was able to do for the tree in the show may not have been so easy for just any Treesinger. Loial being better than most was stated by the character himself in The Shadow Rising, the fourth book in the series. And according to him, there are only a few among the Ogier race who still know how to use the songs of growing. That makes Loial all the more unique in The Wheel of Time, as it gives the character something that only he brings to the table. Whether or not it’ll ever be of use in their fight against the Dark One, however, remains to be seen.

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